A Post A Day: {Instrument Petting Zoo@VSA}

This was a first for me and all of us! I play the trumpet or rather I used to. I can still belt out some notes but I am very rusty!

I found out about a free event at the Symphony Hall in the nearest big city in April. It was worth the trip into Downtown to gain FREE entrance into the Hall. Actually, adults had to pay $5 but kids were free. $10 for our family of 7 to sit in the Symphony Hall? Very. Good. Deal. And the activities available far exceeded our expectations.

The event was sponsored by the VSA, which is a national organization with local chapters that helps differently-abled individuals find opportunities to explore the arts. I was HIGHLY impressed with this organization.

Our first stop was the instrument petting zoo. This was SO MUCH FUN!!! All 5 of our blessings loved this. It was actually the highlight of the night, besides eating at a famed downtown restaurant.

All of us loved the string instruments and decided they are much harder to play than those who know how to play them make it look!

Mo loved the cello best.

Larry and Curly the guitar.

And LM and LD loved playing the wind instruments which actually made me tear up a bit. You see, they have a hard time with blowing air through their mouths, so for them to get sounds out of a wind instrument … priceless.

And the people volunteering at the petting zoo are actually Symphony members … how cool is that?! Have I ever mentioned I was a Band Geek?! Well I was and am proud of that fact. 🙂

We ended the night early before all of the performances as our blessings began getting fidgety … or at least some of them did. I was proud they sat there quietly and attentively for more than an hour though. We will be putting this event on our calendar for next school year. If you are local, I HIGHLY recommend it. Our children were blessed to see and hear the local Blind School’s Choir. AMAZING! And also we saw performances by many other differently-abled individuals and groups including a lady sing who was born with cerebral palsy and not expected to walk except she does! And a volcimer group made up of non-verbal autistic individuals. Their music was absolutely beautiful. They had written the music themselves and performed it so well.

*As for my A Post A Day, feel free to join me as I challenge myself to make one post a day and try to document the many photos I have piled up on iPhoto! I have been so negligent of the blog and it is our family journal, so I need to challenge myself to catch up! If you join me, be sure and leave a comment so I can come and check out your post! I don’t know how to do a blog button or I’d add one!*


3 thoughts on “A Post A Day: {Instrument Petting Zoo@VSA}

  1. Wooohooo for wind instruments 🙂 LadyBug is a clarinetest – in fact, we are just now seeking private instruction for her as her band instructor is telling us she’s READY for the next level 🙂 Such a great discipline for kids. Love all the smiles. That one of you with the boys is great – you look so pretty 🙂

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