First Week of School Year 2011-1012: {July 11-15}

It went well.

Everyone worked efficiently.

No one protested any work.

You all did not even believe that, did you? 😉

The one pictured below protested on his handwriting … but in the end, the teacher prevailed. 🙂

They did work hard. I was quite pleased with their efforts for our first week back. And in the middle of the summer.

Everyone took taekwondo class on Tuesday and Thursday, but a certain Li’l Miss thinks she is going to stick with dancing. YIPPEE! It was her decision, but I love the one she made.

Li’l Dude LOVES taekwondo and has been asking for MONTHS to take it with his older brothers. He is doing GREAT!

I didn’t get the group shot in front of our white board on our first day. I forgot it until late in the day.

Someone was tired and grumpy when I tried to stage the first day shot, many hours after this photo was taken.

A lot of it was review, but seeing the bees and beekeepers was really cool.


And I might have been slightly too proud of my children for answering a LOT of questions. 🙂

We even had an impromptu field trip on Tuesday night to the local fire hall after eating some ice cream nearby.


All in all, it was a great first week of school!


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