Math@Our House: The FOUR Coins

Questions around here lately anytime money is at hand:

“How much is this one, Mommy?”

“Which one costs more?” 🙂 (Yes, she means which one is worth the most.)


“Do I have more than him?”


So … I figure why not. It is not a kindergarten standard according to our state. And no I don’t dwell on the standards, but I do have them printed out.


Not so much for comparison’s sake, but more as a point of interest.
We’ve been dabbling nonetheless in coin recognition and values at our house.


Even the littlest of the littles was interested today. And why not?

Sand is so much fun or at least she thinks it is. Especially whilst (shout out to my friend Naomi) she is throwing it up in the air. OY. But for the older two littles, it was a welcome opportunity to “dig” around for treasures … and try to state the name (or value) of the coin. If you got it correct, you kept the coin (only temporarily), and if not, your classmate could guess. Thankfully, this went well. Sometimes … it does not.

They did have fun, and I think they solidified that a penny is a penny and a quarter is a quarter.

As for the dime and nickel, at this point they are interchangeable. Or so they think.

After we dug out all of the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, we played Grocery Store, which I didn’t get any photos of because we were having too much fun and Li’l Bit was … well, she was trying to sabotage our game. … OK, OK, I know she wasn’t trying to do that, but I had to either put down the camera or someone was going to get unhappy.

This time, I stopped while they still wanted to play Grocery Store (e.g. math) more.

I’m learning ever so slowly at times to stop these activities whilst they are still fun.

“Can we play this again tomorrow, Mommy?”

“Maybe.” After Grocery Store, I did ask them to copy what I had written in their math notebooks, which was the names of the four coins—penny, nickel, dime and quarter—along with their amounts—1¢, 5¢, 10¢ and 25¢. And they did. 🙂

Hope your Math Monday was as much fun as ours!

I should add three older boys, who shall remain unnamed, might have fibbed about their math problems on IXL (or rather the time they spent on them or rather didn’t), but Mommy of course checked and noticed their time spent was way off. Much to The Prez’s delight and mine, they actually admitted their lapse in judgment and rather willingly finished after supper with nary a complaint.

I have no idea what is into me and the verbage tonight, but I have had no less than 10 people tell me lately “You really need to write that book.”

Trouble is, I have no idea what THAT book is.

Maybe. Someday. I will write THAT book. If you find out what that book is, would you let me know?

In the meantime, my little slice of the blogosphere is it for my writing.

And I can’t end a post today without posting a few photos I snapped this weekend of the Li’l Bit herself.

Chowing down on an apple. Seriously, she is really that adorable.


Anyone who has met her will tell you in case you think I might be slightly biased. Because I definitely am.


3 thoughts on “Math@Our House: The FOUR Coins

  1. L,
    {that book}–we all know what it is, b/c you are a wonderful writer. Your writing style is so personal, and the book would either be:
    1. About your experiences in adopting children–with a mixture of anecdotal stories, and your conviction, based on the Bible, or
    2. Your trips to China, with details about your travels, and mixed in information about adopting, and your expressions of conviction that you feel about being an adoptive parent based on Biblical principals….
    That is a book! 🙂

  2. What a great idea that I might just have to copy! You have the best ideas! Keep them coming.

    And yes she is the cutest…. even throwing sand in the air!

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