Math@Our House: Pizza Fractions & Calendar Time … Take Two

Li’l Dude and Li’l Miss have a solid grasp now of 1 Whole, 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4.

I gave them a notebooking activity yesterday, which they completed with ease.


So today, I brought out our TarJay Dollar aisle pizzas, and they were able to serve up pizza slices to me by the fourths, halves and I even threw in a “one and one-half” and they figured that out too!



Fractions: we got that covered.

But calendars? Notsomuch.

The failure has been me, not Li’l Dude and Li’l Miss. Sigh.

I had one of those calendars with velcro pieces and pockets. I found it VERY CHEAP at a discount store with the name “Alyssa” on it. I am guessing it was misspelled? I dunno, but we just discreetly covered the name since we don’t have an Alyssa, though we have nothing against the name Alyssa.

Ahem. So, I tried. I really did. Maybe one day or possibly two days we would get to our calendar time.

The littles did it and they enjoyed the weather velcro pieces and participated with the rest. I felt like it was a bit lackluster and more of a chore than them really getting much out of it. And we just didn’t get it done most days.

I have been looking around and love the ideas I’ve found of a calendar board, but I just don’t have the spaceI decided I needed to find a way to do something they could look at (besides a quick jotting of the date on the whiteboard). And I didn’t want to spend any money, and I didn’t. So I started wondering what do I have already (in terms of space and resources on hand).

*Edited to Add: After using our Pocket Calendar for about 10 days, I did decide I needed something they could refer to. Still determined to use something on hand, I started perusing my supplies and came up with this.

I had this metal hanging thing, but I turned it horizontal for this. I left the nails I had it hanging on in a doorway in case I want to use it for something else. I also had the colored clips just in a box and the blank handwriting strips. I figure some of y’all might have wondered why I used a rainbow of colors on the original PDF. I had envisioned all along that I would use the same color coding for the larger calendar board (using the term board loosely here), and I’m not sure if you can tell from the photos but the colors do correspond (red for day, blue for month and year, purple for date, green for “today is”). I have the larger version of the “Today Is” and “Today’s Date Is:” in page protectors so I can just use a dry erase to change each day.


Y’all know me and the 9-pocket page protectors (for chores and a variation of workboxes both of which we still use). And I thought to myself in a rare moment of total clarity: What about a “pocket” calendar?


Get it? I know, bad, I know. But I really did wonder if it would work. You see, I had already decided I wanted to somehow get ALL the days of the week and ALL the months of the year in one place to see all at ONCE. One of mine in particular NEEDS repetition and to SEE it.


I got busy with a program I use to create these *ideas* I dream up, and of course laminated a few pages (some of the pocket inserts we will write on and replace each day).


I think it turned out quite well. Today was our first go at it, but I can see us sticking with this. In anticipation of using it for quite a long time to come, I went ahead and made a “2013” insert card.


They enjoyed it and I enjoyed it {mostly}. OK, we had a bit of a learning curve with the days of the week, but I think we’ll get there. At least I think we will since they are all there everyday. That was one of my big goals: for them to see them all there together. Same with the months. A certain someone who shall remain nameless wants his own pocket calendar. He has the days of the week, but he still struggles with the months.



I mentioned that two of the cards are dispensable: One I have them write “Today’s Date” in two formats—with numerals and with words and numerals. (They copy what I have written on the white board.) The second is a “Yesterday Was:___, Today Is:___, Tomorrow Will Be:___” card.


For the other 6 pockets (1 pocket has a cards that says “My Pocket Calendar” so it doesn’t change):

  1. Day of the Week
  2. Weather of the Day
  3. Month of the Year*
  4. Numeric Date for Today*
  5. Numeric Year*
  6. Today I Want to Study:_________ (this may change but it was all I could think of for the last space)

*These are on one line across in this order for obvious reasons. They circle the numeric date with a dry erase on the laminated card.

I think the finished product turned out well. I am really wanting to get serious with a more structured notebook next year for the littles, so this will go in there. For now, it is hanging on the side of the cabinet where they keep their schoolwork. I am hoping we can stick to this more and that the repetition mixed with hands-on mixed with writing the date each day as well as 3 of 7 days of the week (for the yesterday, today and tomorrow insert) will help them along in this area of learning. 🙂


*I have to brag here too. This finished example above is that of one certain Li’l Dude. He was convinced he could NOT do the last insert, but Momma encouraged him to try “one letter at a time” and he did so well, even managing to get that pesky “Wed-nes-day” in there.”

(No, I don’t call it that, but I did tell our 9YO that is how I have always remembered to spell it by sounding it out in this way, and to this day he can spell it and he always uses the correct pronunciation. I dunno but it works for me and my weird way to remember how to spell weird words is another post for another day!)

I’m joining in love2learn2day’s Monday Math Blog Hop. Go check out some more math ideas! I always find something useful and creative over there!

**This Page Protector Printable resource is available for download at my TpT store as a separate product or as part of a bundle (better deal!)I have other Page Protector Printables, some of which are FREE, at my TpT store. Thanks!**


8 thoughts on “Math@Our House: Pizza Fractions & Calendar Time … Take Two

  1. This is awesome! I teach kindergarten and saw something like a “calendar” notebook for each kid but I didn’t quite get it. This I get!! By the way used my “COLOR” cards to write notes to all my assistants and wonderful gals that help in my classroom. They were a huge hit. :

    • Cathy, thank you for sharing about the cards! I wish I had more, but they sold out! If I had any left, I’d send them your way! BTW, I added that I would be glad to share this with anyone interested, though I have no clue how to do those cool links on squidoo and such. I’m happy to email a PDF though. Just let me know if interested. 🙂

  2. Very cool idea!!! BTW – I know this is a totally random comment – Lil Dude and Lil Miss have SUCH pretty eyes! Just wait until they become teens… (Actually ALL your kids are beautiful. I just happened to notice Lil Dude and Lil Miss in the above post. And the pic with Lil Bit looking on next to her sister is darling!) I realize this is completely off topic…

  3. My daughter learned the days of the week with a song. That’s how they taught her in Kindergarten. Kids seem to love things in song form.

  4. What wonderful ideas you have. I love to see how much fun your little ones are having as they learn. It really is a beautiful thing!

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