Our New “Babies” Are Here!



I’ll let the pictures mostly speak.



Our baby chicks (and one baby rooster … see him in the pic below with the white spot on his head)


… are here. And I am in a little bit of shock. What was I thinking???



I will say I got some Momma points when I fashioned a brooder from the two large boxes the Prez had brought home.


The expert at our local 4H office, where we picked up our “babies” today, told me our box was too deep and we needed a brooder about 4 times that size … so when we came home I started cutting the top half off of each of the two boxes and taping and cutting sides … and before long we had a brooder 4 times larger and half as deep. 🙂



Mo was doubtful but quite impressed once I finished. Curly gladly loaned me his very sharp pocket knife and helped with the cutting too.

The pics include only Li’l Miss because I was too in shock at first to worry with the camera, and by the time I headed back to the shop with it Li’l Miss was the only one still interested except Mo.



But he was back at Grammy and Papa’s house working on “The Chicken Mansion.”

To Be Continued … hopefully …


6 thoughts on “Our New “Babies” Are Here!

  1. Wow, Leslie! I am SO impressed…all of those babies! You’ve been home with Sallie only a montha nd a half…..and it took me three weeks just to get back to my blog! Hmmph! I think it’s b/c you have youth on your side!!!!!

  2. Phew…. finally IN!!!! Slight technical difficulties but I realized that I kept putting in my username wrong. I had to make up a new one cause someone else has my name!! Well would you believe that?!!!!! Anyway, now I can catch up……..

    looks like you have some sweet new friends to take care of 🙂 so very sweet.

    Thanks for the invite btw!!

  3. Susie and Pam, ha, ha! We’ve been home 2 months … so I have had a bit more time to adjust, but I fly by the seat of my pants on dinner anymore and laundry??? Oh.MY.Word. It is never done … and rarely a day w/out some pile of it waiting to be folded.

    Don’t even be awed …. if you could see my house … you would say “oh, OK, she is normal.” 😉

  4. Leslie, I’ve been secretly thinking for months now I would like to have a couple, three chickens, BUT 25. Oh my land!!! My two guys would have my living in the chicken house with just 2 or 3. Luckily the two of them like dogs & cats. LOL
    Keep telling you we definitely need to be neighbors!! 🙂

  5. Oh my! Now you have a house full! My sister just got chicks– her first– as well. I’m loving the chick pictures and so glad I can enjoy this through the two of you rather than personally. ;^) (to be fair here– I have a child with an allergy to chickens so this is one adventure I really need to enjoy through others)

    Can’t wait to see the finished mansion!

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