This Can’t Be Good

It all started in the wee hours of Sunday morning, Father’s Day, and just one day after the Prez arrived home with Li’l Bit after her overnight in the hospital for her heart procedure.

Li’l Miss woke up crying and told me her stomach hurt, her legs hurt, and her throat hurt. I brought her downstairs.

By 7 a.m., she had vomited and we were on hyper-alert with boundaries and germs.

Li’l Bit was feeling pretty good, but really no one has been sick around here in ages and of course it hits right after a hospital stay.

Monday morning the Prez took Li’l Miss to the Dr. because I just knew it was strep throat … except it wasn’t.

The Dr. assured him it would run through our entire family. It is a mean virus that takes hold and grabs anyone within shouting distance. And it comes a few days apart not all at once. Li’l Miss was very sick for 2 days, and last night seemed to finally bounce back completely … 4 days into it.

OK, dokey.

I’m sure Dr. M would rather be wrong, but apparently she was right.

4 days later, the next victim, our oldest who is fairly hyper-vigilant (unlike some who are constantly picking their noses and think hand-washing might be optional) awoke to vomiting and a sore throat and achy feeling.

Fun times.


And now, this is how the bathroom door appears. You better take heed dear children.

Note to the virus: MOMMA does NOT have time for you. Please leave immediately. You are NOT welcome in this house.

Until further notice, this blog will be sadly neglected as its writer wields her Lysol can, fills countless orders of Sprite (because you know everyone else needs some Sprite too for their pseudo-symptoms), and attempts to finish planning just the first 9 weeks of our school year times 5 students. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


5 thoughts on “This Can’t Be Good

  1. Sorry you are having to deal with this – especially with Sallie just coming home from the hospital. Hopefully, it will go quickly and she will miss it – and you too. It’s never fun when Momma is sick.

  2. Praying for you all. I also pray that this doesn’t nit EVERYONE.

    Good luck with keeping the germs at bay. Looking forward to a blog announcing healthier times.

  3. We had strep in our house last week, so I am a few weeks behind on your blog!! SO THRILLED to see Sallie is recovered and the great report!!!! Will be praying this virus runs its cours fast and doesn’t get all of you!!!!

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