Crazy Busy!

Who isn’t, right?

We took a little mini-vacation, which I need to post posted about. Y’all have to see the ride Momma rode for her boys! But that post is for another day. We ARE starting school on Monday, and Momma is still finishing up a few things.

Notebooks are looking good though as is the new printer I had to buy today. I asked each of the children to come up with a verse for themselves for this year. They printed them on paper that we slid in the clear covers on their color-coded notebooks. 😉

I helped Li’l Bro and Li’l Miss after they gave me key words. I then gave them a few choices to choose from, and I chose one for our baby girl. I had the idea today to put them on my notebook alongside the verse the Lord gave me for this year. I plan to pray them for our children each day, and this will serve as a great reminder to me.

This is the cover of Momma’s notebook.


I hope to catch up the blog on some fun family activities including our mini-vacation, Fourth of July festivities and a double-digit birthday as well!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Busy!

  1. Love this idea! I have found lots of teacher printables via Pinterest for this coming school year. Can’t wait to start using them.

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