Handwriting with the Littles: July 2012

Just a record of handwriting progress for Li’l Bro and Li’l Miss. They are now writing Uppercase and Lowercase letters. Love these books I got from Miller Pads and Paper at our Homeschool Expo.

I found used copies of Draw Write Now Books 2 and 3, which fit nicely alongside our SCM History Module 5 (which is a family-based history course using primarily living books). With SCM, read aloud from some of the books to the children together, and then each of them has separate books to read on their own or listen as Mommy or Daddy reads. LOVE SCM!!!

This is Li’l Bro’s effort. AMAZING! He spent so much time on his drawing. And his writing is really … well, again, amazing. He WORKS so very hard as his hands just don’t always do what he wants them to do. I’m so proud of his efforts. And he is too!


Li’l Miss ALWAYS loves to do this activity. She loves to draw and color and give attention to the finer details. She has no issue using a guide and making a piece of artwork her own! She has really enjoyed using these books and says the Native Americans look like her (and I’ve always thought she looks like some photos I have in a book of a very ancient people group in Southern China whom are akin to Native Americans of North America). She of course was all smiles to show her work!



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