Prize-Winning Pullets!!!

***2012 Reserve Champion Pullets***



This means our son got 2nd Place Overall among the 40 4Hers who brought pullets to the County Fair for the 4H Chick Chain Show! We are so very proud of Mo!!!


The children competing were in grades 4-12, and Mo was a 4th grader this year! The boy who won Champion was a middle schooler! He is pictured above with Mo. They asked them to each bring up one of their prize-winning pullets and they had their photo made together.

His 5 prize-winning pullets sold at auction right after the Champion and Reserve Champions were named. Here is Mo holding his pullet during the auction. It was so fun watching this all take place!


They sold for $32.50 per pullet and the man who purchased them agreed to buy all 5 pullets for a total of $162.50! Wow!!! The average selling price was about $16, so the prize winners brought twice as much money! This money will be used to purchase the baby chicks for next year’s Chick Chain 4-H project. Here is Mo with the buyer of his pullets. He was really nice to let me get a photo, and he seemed genuinely excited about his new chickens.


Mo also will receive a check for $50, which is $25 for his blue ribbon and $25 for Reserve Champion. He has already agreed to put this money back into the care of the chickens.

I haven’t seen him grinning so much in a long time! I was so excited to just see his blue ribbon, but then when his name was called to come up for his Reserve Champion trophy we were all so excited for him! The following photos were taken from drop-off at 10 a.m. this morning through 1 p.m., when we came back to find he had been awarded a blue ribbon. This was all so new to us, but I think everyone is hooked! SO MUCH FUN!!!

Dropping off the 5 pullets this morning …

Standing with his pullets … they were some pretty chickens! We will miss these five.

This is a rooster that someone had displayed. Isn’t he a beauty?

And here he is after we came back to find a BLUE ribbon! He was so excited!

Some of his chicken duty helpers

Showing littlest sister his blue ribbon.

With Grammy and Papa, who have graciously housed the chickens on their property and have helped to keep them fed and watered.

Here is our County Fair Winner on the midway with “winner” in the background, which I didn’t even notice when I snapped it!

And with Mr. Larry, who oversees the 4H Chick Chain program.

And finally, a video I shot of our prize winner!


8 thoughts on “Prize-Winning Pullets!!!

  1. Congratulations! I love seeing how excited and proud Jackson is about his chickens! What a wonderful day for your family! Thank you for the card for Piper! She loves it!


  2. Jackson:
    We ARE in 4H and we know how incredibly important this is!!!!! It is a tremendous amount of time, care, and paperwork. Congratulations on your learning experiences, and your awards!
    Barbara Lyman 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Jackson!!! It’s a wonderful way to learn ‘business principles’ and responsibility. Although I was not in 4-H, several of my relatives have been & continue to be very active, with both the local 4-H and the International 4-H youth exchange program. The benefits of this program have been wonderful. In fact, one of my cousins who started out just like Jackson, received undergraduate and graduate degrees in agriculture and farm sciences and now teaches agriculture and things like ‘Jackson’ is learning to students in the Chicago Agriculture High School. This could open up another new ‘career option’ to Jackson. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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