Homeschool Happenings: {Farm School}

During the month of October while Li’l Bro was recovering from his nasal surgery and we were waiting to see if Li’l Bit would actually have her open-heart surgery, I lacked some motivation and I also ran out of the pre-planned assignments for our three oldest. I had done them through week 9, and the boys had completed them all. They had some catch-up independent work to do, so they were busy with that.

I also had run out of ideas for the little ones. One day, Li’l Miss had an idea … well she had seen it mentioned on a certain TV show, but anyway, she suggested we have “farm school. And I thought why not?

We got it all set up, having no problems putting up some centers because we have quite a few farm-themed activities, books, and games. Mostly the three little ones played in there, but a couple of big brothers enjoyed a moment in there as well. I won’t put any pictures of that, but they were great to play along and while there I worked with them on multiplication and multiple drills (same game as below except instead of adding two die we multiplied them and covered squares if they were multiples of a chosen number).


We played games, made sticker scenes using some found stickers, used our farm items to do imaginative play, worked so many puzzles, used pattern blocks to make animal and flower pictures, rolled two die to add sums and cover our chicken sheet with “eggs”, and read a lot of books together! We even found a netflix video to watch during our week of “farm school.”











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