Math Monday: SHAPES!

Li’l Bit loves to do “calendar time” with her big brother and sister. While she doesn’t have an actual Page Protector Calendar yet, I did create a special set for her using pieces from the Page Protector Bundle 2, which I created to use with 10-pocket business-sized page protectors.


She loves to point to the colors as I name them and point to the shapes as I say them. She already can point to the circle, heart, star and triangle.


She confuses the rectangle with the square, but if I add the color word before the shape name she most often points to the correct ones.

I will sometimes set it up with the color cards jumbled, and I will ask her to take them out and match them up. She loves this activity! It is great for fine motor skills too.



I also created a FREEBIE  at Teachers Pay Teachers. It includes the shape page Li’l Bit is using above. The color cards are a part of the Page Protector Printables Bundle 2 available for purchase at my TpT store. I can’t wait to create some more items for Li’l Bit to use in her 10-Pocket chart.

I’m linking up to Math Monday at love2learn2day, where there are always so many great ideas!


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