I Might Be Addicted …

… to books.




The one above is actually for sale. It is $5 plus media mail shipping. It is like brand new and still has the $11.99 price tag on the back. Except it retails for $14.99 on Amazon. I just added a new page on my header with used books I have for sale. I have multiple copies of some books like the above. I just can’t pass up a great book for a great price, plus this will help me with my addiction as it will give me more funds to buy books. Hopefully, someone reading needs a like new copy of it for less than half of a new copy. Please check back often to see what else I have for sale; I already have a few other books for sale besides the one above.

As for my purchases at our library sale yesterday … smile. All of the books were either $1 or 50¢ excepting a couple that were $2 each.


I have bought about 50 used books in the last couple of weeks. Mind you, I have spent approximately $1 per book and am well within my allotted education budget … and using cash {note to the Prez :)} … that is another post for another day. But anyway, I LOVE books and am building a library because we can’t go to the library much these days unless I get it fit in on the weekends. It is on my list of places I don’t take Sallie and, well, she is usually always with me so … we just don’t go too much. Speaking of Ms. Sallie Girl, I found a like-new Eric Carle board book just like this one for … $1! I promptly brought it home and sanitized it, and we have read it no less than 10 times.

BUT. Butterflies do not make cocoons. Sigh. Every time we read the book, I do have slight disappointment that this noted author messed up that part. While it is true that a caterpillar may make a cocoon (some do; some don’t), it is not possible for a caterpillar who has made a cocoon (as the one in the book does) to become a butterfly … OK, well this is what happens when you become a homeschooling Momma and are schooled by your children about butterflies, pupas, cocoons and chrysalises and the differences between them all.


Really, I just love books. As do our children. The Prez … well he loves to watch us read and hear about what we’re reading.


On Thursday morning, Grammy gladly met me at the library and took the three little ones to the park right next door, so I could go in with two of our olders for the library used book sale. Joel decided to help Grammy watch the little ones since, well, Chinese books are not plentiful at the used book sale (though we have found them there) and he has plenty of reading material at the moment.


31 books for a grand total of $30.

Do you think I have a problem? Wait … don’t answer that LOL! 🙂


One thought on “I Might Be Addicted …

  1. I can so totally relate!! I had a library of several hundred children’s books, before I ever had any children of my own. Mostly a huge selection of picture books, as I was a Kindergarten teacher. I am beginning to swap out as my kids are passing that picture book stage. Thanks for the tip of shopping a library book sale, I may also have to shop your store as well.
    Happy Reading!

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