Math Monday: Numbers 1–100

One of our math goals this year for our 1st graders is learning to count to 100 as well as more awareness of number relationships such as counting by twos, by fives and by tens.

I was playing around on my computer one day working on a 1–100 chart. I had found plenty on-line, but none of them looked the way I wanted. I had a vision that the chart I had for our 1st graders would visually convey that all of the 7s numbers such as 7, 17, 27 and so on all end in 7. And the same for 4s and 9s and … well you get the idea. But I could not find one like that.


So rather quickly I came up with this chart after figuring out how to equally divide the page into columns. I like it, and so do our 1st graders. It has really helped them see that numbers do have patterns and relationships. I do have it for sale for $1.50 at Teachers Pay Teachers if anyone is interested. It includes the chart you see above plus 4 more pages of Hundreds Charts (2 more color versions and 2 in black and white).

I printed ours on thick paper and slipped it into a page protector. It could easily be laminated as well, but I didn’t want to hole punch through it thus the page protector. With the protector, I can have them circle numbers with dry erase markers as I call them out. Another game we like to play is they will take my pointer wand and point to numbers as I call them out.

On this particular day, I had them roll 4 numbers with our education cubes, and then put them in sequence from least to greatest. This was made easier with the use of their 1–100 chart.


I’m linking up today with love2learn2day’s Math Monday Blog Hop!


2 thoughts on “Math Monday: Numbers 1–100

  1. That is awesome! My 4 year old is just starting to count above 20 and I have been looking for a way to help her understand that she’s just counting 1-10, but with 20, 30, etc. Very cool!

  2. I LOVE this and can think of many uses in my kindergarten class. Thank you. I am putting it on my tpt list for later this weekend:-)

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