Math Monday: {Interactive Fraction Cards + Fraction Mini Posters}

I am so excited about this set! I have two firsties who are so excited about understanding fractions more and more. We have been working with pizzas, pies, and even cookies. Even little sister is having fun with her “pizza.”


Now they can practice what they know by matching up cards to one another and/or identifying the fraction when they see it or read it.

I have been working on this set for a long while. I just couldn’t quit adding in fractions and the mini posters just sort of happened!

I am so excited about those though. Here is an example of one of the 9 mini posters in the set.

I have a beautiful new garland hanging in our schoolroom!


I have been testing this set out with Li’l Bro and Li’l Miss, and they already love it.


We used it alongside magnetic pattern blocks. We made fractions out of the matching blocks and then matched those up to our cards. Here is an example of the cards you receive in this set, which includes 9 different fractions: 1 whole, one-fourth, one-third, one-half, two-thirds, three-fourths, three-fifths, four-fifths, and five-sixths. Each fraction includes a Mini Poster, picture card, outline font word card, black type word card, and numerical fraction card.

You can use the cards for matching, identifying the fraction shown in picture, number or word, or you can even have your student trace the outlined fraction with a dry erase. All you have to do is laminate and cut apart! And hang your posters or put into a notebook in page protectors.


For now, I’m having them match the shape cards to the number cards. I will add in the word version later as they are more comfortable in identifying the fractions.

I hope you enjoy using this resource to help your children or students learn more about fractions. I would so appreciate your feedback.


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