Momma’s Been Busy …

… with an idea that I would make gifts for all of our children. *And no, they won’t be reading this post!*

Two are done so far. Well one of these is part of a larger repurposed L -E-G-O table …

… that is not done yet. The table is actually my Mom and Dad’s VERY OLD bedside table. I think it is older than me, maybe? Anyway, my Mom, my sister and I are known for exchanging furniture, and we rarely get rid of things that are solid wood. Hard to find that these days, right? So, I told my Mom I needed a table and/or small cabinet. She said she couldn’t think of anything the right size she had hidden away, but she called me the same day and said, “I happened to talk to your sister, and she has something I think will work.” Sure enough, it will be perfect I think!


Oops, my Mom had a plant on it at one time that leaked. Oh well. I’m painting it (or rather the Prez is painting it) black like two other L.E.G.O. tables we already have. I’ll also be screwing one of these onto the top! I can’t wait to get this done and will be getting started on it this weekend. 🙂
The drawers will give Li’l Bro lots of space ALL HIS OWN for his little creations in progress, and the knobs will be getting a facelift. The Prez happened to find 6 knobs from a previous project we did–perfectly simple, round, nickel-colored knobs. So, this project will cost me a grand total of $15.99–the cost of the extra large baseplate. LOVE!

The book though … which will be wrapped up and hid inside it! … is done.


And I am fairly certain a certain little dude is going to have a BIG smile when he thumbs through it.


For anyone who wanted to make your very own, you can download lots of LEGO instructions here by set # and here and here. The best part is most of these instructions are perfect for our 7-year-old little dude as he can do these all by himself! I can see his big smile even now as I type. As far as cost, this book was very CHEAP to make. I printed it at home and I did use the FAST setting on my printer as I knew I would be laminating each page, so no worries on smearing. I also printed on one side, BUT I put the pages back to back so this cut down on the laminating sheets needed and made it sturdier at the same time. I figured the cost based on my printing costs and including the $2.99 coil binding, it was less than $8 to print this book!!! 🙂 I spent about 2 hours one Sunday afternoon downloading and printing and laminating … then dropped it off at the print shop for binding (which I won’t have to do anymore once I get one of my Christmas gifts 🙂 ) and picked it up later that week when I was near there again. I am very happy with the results! I hope he is too.


One gift is ALL done. And with the coupon code from Money Saving Mom (I highly recommend her e-blast), I got a personalized 38-page hardback book for less than $20 including s/h. It is titled “{Her} Book of ABCs” and is full of pictures of her sweetness along with words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

I CANNOT WAIT for a certain little someone to read this with me! She is so into reading with Mommy now … I just can’t wait for her to have a special book all her own that has photos of places and people that she’ll recognize. I might have spent about 4 hours one night putting it together the same day the coupon code expired … ahem, not that I waited until the last minute. But. It wouldn’t work … the coupon code … so I finally just saved the book and went to bed.

The next morning, I called and they said first, “Oh, we’re sorry!” {THANK YOU! That was so nice to hear!} Then they said they would give me a new code, and the rep. stayed on the line with me to be sure this one worked. And it did! And my beautiful book arrived less than one week later, and this was including Thanksgiving. I would in turn recommend this mypublisher as well.

Here is a peak at the inside of the book! This does not do it justice. It is a nice 6 x 8-inch size–perfect for little hands to hold–and it is just beautiful! I am really pleased with the end result! I hope she is too!!!


Another of the little someones is getting a kit that is in the works. Parts are all almost acquired. I wonder if anyone can guess what kind of kit it is going to be?

Speaking of being busy, some other people here have been hard at work. Just some sneak peaks …

… now I’m back to this … a fifth stocking cross-stitched … and yes, I have a sixth that isn’t even started! When I started making these, I had just a husband and no children … and didn’t imagine six. 🙂 Hope y’all are having a blessed start of the Christmas season!


4 thoughts on “Momma’s Been Busy …

  1. AWESOME!!! I was in the UK all of November with my family visiting my husband’s family (Zoe needs to see her G’parents) so I am catching up on everyone’s blogs! Can’t wait to find out what kit you created!

  2. I used double sided Duct Tape to connect our large LEGO base plates to our LEGO table (which we actually built out of PVC pipe and plywood). We have not had any issue with it unsticking (yet), made it about 18 months ago (and for the cost of Duct Tape, I can redo it if need be. We also used chalkboard paint on the plywood, then the kids will draw things out on it, for ‘plans’ or part of their play.

    • Thanks Maureen for the tip on the base plate! I will remember this if it doesn’t stay in. On our other tables we made, my DH made an inset and they have always stayed in that. He also made one for this repurposed table, and so we’re hoping they stay in but the duct tape is a great idea b/c it is removable (and replaceable as you say)! We had a glitch today with the paint 😦 but thankfully, I know a painting expert! 😉 Thanks again for the tip!!! BTW, I’d love to see your table if you see this comment and wanted to send a link!

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