Math Monday: Geometric Shapes & Number Knowledge

Yesterday, we didn’t do much *traditional* school. We instead spent most of the day watching history unfold and watching a documentary about a historic person: Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we were back on our regular schedule, and that involved some math fun.

I would say these pictures don’t need explanation, but Li’l Bit loves these wooden geometric blocks I have. I honestly don’t know when or where I got them, but they are fun and she loves them.


She was playing with them while I read to Li’l Bro and Li’l Miss. She was SO PROUD of her creation. She did this all by herself with no direction from me, and I am quite proud too!

She was quick to point out to me that the one section “do not match” because she didn’t have the right pieces for that one section to match.

After reading, Li’l Bro and Li’l Miss were excited when I told them I had some math work for them to do. First they used their abaci to work the problems on the “Find the Sum or Difference” worksheets.



They did GREAT with this, which was welcome because last week they struggled with it. I made two versions, and this is the one where they struggled last week. You may be able to see that the answer they are looking for is NOT after the equal sign, but one of the addends. If I have them the same exact problem where they are searching for the answer (after the equal sign), no problem but looking for one of the addends and they were confused last week. This week, they were acing it! Li’l Miss even said at one point,”Mommy, this is kind of like subtracting because I’m really subtracting the first number from the last number.”

Eureka, I’ve think she’s got it!. I am so excited they have taken so well to the abacus as well.


I continued using the “What’s That Number?” worksheets with them. They seem to really like this, and I have to say perhaps I should give them worksheets a bit more often. I could easily make more of these with larger numbers as well.

The worksheets they are using are a part of my Penguins Math Unit I have for sale at my TpT store. I hope your Monday (or Tuesday) math has been as fun and engaging! 🙂

I also spent some of my last quarter TpT earnings on a fun little mathtivity for Li’l Bro and Li’l Miss to go along with our penguin fun. They LOVED this, so I’ll be looking for more of these to do from time to time. The set includes several options of math (adding, subtracting, etc.) to complete this picture by coloring the answers according to the corresponding number. Sounds complicated but it wasn’t! They added a few numbers together, and then colored each square a certain color. So, 4+2=6 and should be green. Anyway, here is a picture of Li’l Bro’s finished penguin picture.


You can find this fun little mathtivity at TpT here. I’m linking up to love2learn2day’s Math Monday Blog Hop. Go see the other awesome math ideas!


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