Brick Builders and a Giveaway!


A mega bundle of LEGO® goodness has been in the works for weeks. I had shelved it due to clip art issues, but when I found some new BRICK clip art I knew it was going to be good! And it is!


Li’l Bro, Li’l Miss and Li’l Bit are begging for more BRICK BUILDERS math fun after testing a few of the activities in my latest offering at TpT: Brick Builders MEGA Math Unit. It is 125 pages HUGE with 105 pages of printables!!! The other 10 pages are instructions and descriptions.


I thought it would be fun to keep the giving goodness going but today I’m going to add a twist! Leave a comment telling me how you use LEGO® bricks in your home or classroom to engage your children in ACTIVE learning. It would be too hard to CHOOSE the best idea as I’m sure they’ll all be great, but I thought it might give some new life to our LEGO® learning fun here.




So I’ll take the first 10 comments and put your name in the hat for one blessed person to WIN this mega unit completely free, and I’ll be saving all of your ideas to use for fun, active, engaging learning here!!!


I will need to send it to you through Google*docs as it is too large for email even when zipped! If you just want to comment but not participate, please do so but let me know you’d rather not be entered into the giveaway.




I will be offering this unit at 25% off the regular price for a limited time. Be on the look-out for my latest MONTHLY FREEBIE in the header up there as it will change on February 10. It *might* have something to do with this little gem of a unit! 😉



Hope your Saturday has been blessed. The sun is FINALLY shining here, thank you Lord!!! I’ll be announcing the winner as soon as I have 10 people’s names to put in the hat, so please share your LEGO® learning ideas  **THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.**


10 thoughts on “Brick Builders and a Giveaway!

  1. I have never used Legos in the classroom (I teach 2nd), but I LOVE what you have created with them! Creative, colorful, and fun! I follow your blog and enjoy what you are doing with your kids. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This learning pack looks really great, I am sure my boys would love it! We have been blessed to be able to participate in Lego robotics classes that teach math, science, technology, and engineering. The “We Do”, beginning robotics and programming kit has been a big hit around here, and my oldest is dreaming of MIndstorms. Not sure when the budget will allow it, but the current class is using it and even Mom is impressed with how cool it is 🙂 At home the kids use what they learned in class to make some pretty fun creations. We have also used bricks for making patterns or building animals to go with a science theme.

  3. I never know if my first message goes through when I sign in afterwards. If there are two, I am not trying to increase my chances.

    I use Legos in my classroom to let kids be kids during our free center time. I am saddened each year by how few, if any, of my students have ever played with Legos. I love to watch the progress through the year. I also use our conversations as a great way to bring “school talk/vocabulary” to become a part if real world conversations. I LOVE Legos!!!

    I look forward to seeing ideas on how to bring these wonderful toys to use during our more formative instructional time:-). I hope to win, but if not I see another purchase from your shop in my future. I have been pleased with all previous purchases so far. If we stop having snow days, my penguin math centers will be sliding in soon!!

  4. This looks perfect for my Lego-loving son. We are just starting to work on formal math with him. (7 year old) I have MOTL, but haven’t done much with it — yet! I came to your blog through a link I saved about your 5-a-day planners. I’m adding you to my list of blogs that inspire me!

  5. I know that your giveaway has ended but I wanted to share a Lego idea that I used in my reading classroom this year. I wrote about 200 of our most common sight words onto Legos and we use them for a variety of activities. For one, we take turns drawing one and reading the word. If the student can read it, they add it to their pile. I let them build with them as we go because they are so engaged and excited to read more and more words. I love how many words they practice, but I also love watching them be creative and work on their motor skills. They are so excited about how tall their tower gets or how big their structure gets because it means they know more words than last time. It has been a very fun hands-on resource and has worked well in small groups or independently, so I wanted to share!

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