Our New Library … Is Open for Use!

From this …


… to this!!!



I seriously love this door! The Prez cleaned it up and OH MY! My vision turned reality is more beautiful than I imagined! It just says, “Welcome!” to me.


I’ll let the pictures speak {mostly} for themselves.




After a late night Friday of loading a trailer full of book boxes and patio furniture … had to fill the trailer and it was handy LOL … our library is well on its way to being a wonderful place where learning can take place.








Just a peek at the door into our younger guys’ bedroom: a “Salamanders of Tennessee” poster graces the door!

This rooster has nothing to do with this post other than he tried to take up residence in the library. I don’t think so! I also can’t stop taking photos of him. It might be a problem on my part. He is just a rooster after all. He was left for us by the previous owners. Ahem. We’ll see how he and Mr. Squawks get along together. Our cat Ninja stalked this rooster all weekend and finally pounced this afternoon. I don’t have to even tell y’all that the rooster let our {small} black cat know he was not to be stalked. Thankfully, the rooster kept his spurs in check and Ninja probably got the message.


I had lots of help along the way all day Saturday and it was mostly all unpacked that day. I still need to try out some spaces, the can lights need to be installed, and some furniture is yet to moved out to the new house for things like arts and crafts supplies, our geography area, and my desk!



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that our children are going in there to READ and explore on their own already! They really seem to love the space.






All in all, we are loving this beautiful space that looks nothing like it did when we first looked at this home. Feeling very blessed tonight!


Ni Hao Yall


15 thoughts on “Our New Library … Is Open for Use!

  1. Oh. my. word. The before and after photos are just stunning. That is the most PERFECT homeschooling room EVER! Those built ins are absolutely amazing and I love the color you chose for the room. Perfect! And I might be just a tad bit jealous, too, though SO happy for YOU!

  2. Thanks for sharing house updates! I was selfishly worried we wouldn’t see the finished product with the blog change!!

  3. WOW. What a transformation from a dark, dreary space to a bright, inviting room!!! Totally amazing – that is one NICE library/classroom! So fun to see the before and after shots! Thanks for sharing!!!!!! LOVE LOVE it!

  4. Gorgeous! Will you have time to do a post on how you did this? Thanks! Love how your family is loving the new space.

    • Hi – just found the other post of the work being done so please disregard my asking how you did this! Just lovely! The door is perfect!

      • Thank you for stopping by and if you do have any other questions, feel free to ask! Basically, we have gutted the space and just redone it one step at a time! It was paneling on top of drywall. We tore out the paneling and dry wall in places. Finished the drywall, patched, repaired, mudded again and again … you get the idea! Then the paint! We also had an electrician come in and add more plugs, can light spaces (those will be installed next week), and we laid the hardwood floors ourselves on top of the existing laminate. We added baseboards that are painted and shoe molding that we hand stained. Finally I had a master craftsman we hired to build the shelves and bench. I found him on google of all places and after checking with a few of his references, we decided to take a chance. He has been a gem and truly is a master at carpentry, so much so that the Prez (my DH) has hired him for other jobs within our home at an hourly rate. My DH is a master at carpentry and remodel work too but just can’t do it all as he has a demanding job outside our home, so anyway, we have been very fortunate to have our older sons to help and who are eager to learn things such as laying the hardwood and also some outside help as needed.

        As for the colors, I saw the yellow on the back of shelves on pinterest and we all love how it turned out! We bought our flooring at a discount place and it is called character grade which means it has some imperfections but that also makes it very affordable and gives it character! All of the books and containers and other furniture we already had. I have a few projects up my sleeve to add to the space using repurposed items we have here or that we found at the new place! I will post updates as I have them! Probably more than you wanted to know but that is how it all came to be!

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