We Have Lockers!

I know the title isn’t creative, but I couldn’t think of anything else this late.

I am, however, excited that we have some *new* lockers in our mudroom, which is right beside the library in our “new” home.

Some of our learners will need a new backpack, and they will be well-used as we’ll be attending a tutorial for age-graded classes one day a week and *hopefully* continuing our Friday Bible classes (if I can get us there). 🙂

My Dad went with me to a city not quite an hour away to grab these gems. While he might not agree with the gem part, he graciously went along to not only get these loaded in his truck but to also purchase them for our new home. While the gifting of the lockers was Grammy’s idea, Papa went with me to get them after close inspection and he took them out to our new house and helped to unload them.


Yes, they are well-loved, but I like to call that “character.”Besides, they already have stories to tell! Our students were so excited when we informed them that yes, they could have combination locks for their set of lockers. Each of us will have a top and bottom locker (yes including the Prez and me), and then one extra set that I figure we can use for pet stuff? or what? The units came in sets of three, thus we have 9 sets (and no plans for another family member other than the furry kind LOL!).


Grammy has been hunting on the C-list with me for some used lockers for quite awhile after our local sources led to dead ends. These were at a nearby university and were being used by a private school meeting there. I have no idea how old they are, but like I said, they are well-loved and have much character, but I like that about them and the price was just right.

I wish I had taken an inside pic as they have hooks on both the top and sides of each locker. Can’t wait for the BTS sales so we can stock up on locker digs. 🙂

This last pic has nothing to do with the lockers other than it is in the mudroom as well. We hauled another load of stuff to our house this weekend and the sink base and countertop we picked out was in there waiting on the plumbers to finish up their part of readying it for use.


The Prez and I went back and forth on what type of cabinet to put in there, but in the end we went with a prefab unit from the big blue box home store. This is actually two base cabinets because the size of the space is 45 inches and the standard sizes are 36 and 48 inches. We chose a precut slab of laminate for the top and a small sink. We wanted to maximize the space and exercise the budget, and we’re happy with the way it turned out. I know this is a learning blog, but I know many of you have expressed an interest in seeing house reno updates. 😀


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