Our AlphaCaps {Repurposed for … Word Work}


I do love our AlphaCaps. Really love them. They are useful for so many applications including word work, spelling and letter recognition. They are active and FREE!


I do love repurposing objects that would otherwise be thrown away. Anyone who knows me will attest to this.
I can’t take credit for the original idea, and I can’t figure out where I first saw it.
However, I did think of the container, but I’m sure others use them too.


If you shop at Sammy’s World like we do, you might have a source for the REALLY LARGE parmesan cheese containers. I would say we empty one about every 4 weeks, so I have a collection going. I like these best because they are so tall and hold so much. The cap is easy enough for our students to open and close, but spills are minimal because once closed it stays that way! The label also comes off easily with soap and hot water. What’s not to like?!


I have our AlphaCaps divided by vowels, blends, dipthongs, digraphs, word endings, consonants … you get the idea. I even use the yellow caps, which I rarely have, for a question mark. It can add interest and allows for games like “Name the Missing Letter” or “Which Letter?” (for use in beginning sounds or ending sounds).


I have a neighbor and Grammy who share milk jug caps with me. I might get a little too excited about these caps … what can I say! I highly recommend these repurposed objects and I plan to make some for math work as well!

If you are interested in more explanations on how I use these or the BRAND NEW RESOURCE I made to use with them feel free to click the picture above or the link, but it is not necessary and you can use this idea today in your own classroom! I am currently working on four more AlphaCaps task card sets, but the one I have posted in my store is for CVC words. Let me know if you try it or if you have other ways to repurpose milk jug caps! I’d love to hear how you use them in your own classroom.


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