Pinterest-Inspired Workspace!

I wasn’t sure it could be done, but I saw the idea of using two Closet*maid 9-cube Cubeicals and an upcycled tabletop to make a workspace for two and had to try it! Besides, they were on sale last week at TarJay!


I needed a larger space for our two second graders to work this year. Bless them they have been working at a small table my Dad built our oldest son years ago. The table is still nice, but they outgrew it awhile ago. Now that same little table has a new purpose: a tot school spot for our three-year-old DD. I need to work on her cabinet (e.g. trays to go inside and new inserts for doors of corkboard/magnet/chalkboard?). She is already showing lots of interest in learning through play!


Enter Pinterest for that new space for our rising second graders.
Plus two 9-cube organizers from Tarjay (I got mine on sale last week; not sure they are worth full price).
Plus a tabletop Grammy found at a Habitat for Humanity store.

Two bar stools with cushions that will be coming from our old house.
And some manual labor (Grammy and I put the 9-cubes together while Papa and the Prez stabilized it all so our children can work safely).





The initial reactions were thrilled, pleasantly surprised, looks better than I thought it would … some of us had more vision than others. Ahem.

The polka dot bins are from the Dollar Tree. They are not exactly the right size, but they were $1 instead of $6 each. I think I can live with the size, plus this will allow for notebooks and such to be placed alongside them.

I need to find some bins for Li’l Bro’s side. Papa is going to put backs on the cube shelves for me. I need to help our students arrange their books. I have some plans too for making them each word work and math bins. Another Pinterest-inspired idea.


As for the metal bulletin boards, Papa made those for me years ago. I plan to use the one above their workspace for our calendar and other group activities. The one hanging vertical will be for various activities including word work, games, individual activities and magnetic goodness! And did you know you can write on metal with dry-erase markers and erase it? 😀


If you can see the pencil/glue/scissor organizer on the workspace, I have shared about that repurposed found object in my new **monthly freebie** . 😀


6 thoughts on “Pinterest-Inspired Workspace!

  1. The transformation of this room continues to amaze me. What a warm, bright, welcoming work space you have created!!! Gorgeous room!

  2. Very cool workspace for grade 2! You have amazing parents! Blesseed!:) I bet your kids will be excited to get to work in this beautiful space!

    • Yes I have to agree Joy that we have amazing parents! Both the Prez and I are blessed with great parents, and they all love the Lord too! In addition, they have taught us about hard work and they love us and our children well. Very blessed indeed!!!

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