Policing the Plugged In

Sigh. I pushed for the pods. I just knew they wouldn’t be used for only gaming. Sigh.


I really need some advice. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears! I am going to try an on-line monitoring site suggested by a friend. And I’m going to keep looking for a way to LIMIT their time on certain apps. If anyone knows how to do that, I’d love to hear it! It must be simple, but I haven’t figured it out yet.


So, please do share!

What are your favorite educational apps? For math, reading, thinking, anything else that exercises the brain?

How do you tame the time on the mind-numbing apps?

Do you struggle with children (or students) who argue that the educational apps are “boring”?

What else can you share to help me find a happy medium here? Like I said, I’m all ears!



6 thoughts on “Policing the Plugged In

  1. It is hard to control kids when you give them the power of technology. I’m interested to see what responses you get. As to apps, the kids honestly prefer the games. I snuck in games like Cut The Rope where kids must think about physics. The games would be more powerful if I could get the kids talking about the educational aspects. My youngest ones still think content heavy apps like KinderAdd are fun. Keep thinking, asking, and searching for ways to improve technology in education. Love reading your posts!

  2. I’ve not heard of a way to limit the use of certain apps..I’d be interested in this one. But I make Zoe earn time on all technology and she looses the privilege for bad behavior, etc….

  3. I just have to limit the time spent. My youngest is 7 and still likes the educational apps where my 13 year old likes the regular games. I’m not a fan since I don’t use an iPOD but using them they are learning about technology and that is the world they will be living in. (whether I like it or not!) Those that totally limit them are probably not doing their children any favors.

    • Becky, Thank you for these great thoughts. Totally agree on the need to be exposed especially while us parents can guide. We are using a new app (to us) to set time limits. I was tired of being a policewoman. I wish I could say my children exhibit first-time obedience all the time … but they don’t. So anyway yes time limits seem to be working. Still would love to set different time limits do different apps or make it where some are unavailable during certain hours. Maybe I need to learn how to make an app! 😀

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      • Oh man, an app that limits time and can be preset with certain restrictions by parents is an awesome idea! And would be well received!! We too just limit time, sometimes not to successfully. We also put them up by a certain time at night and have declared no technology days when it feels like we are all tied to our gadgets – parents included;)


      • Oh I love the no technology including parents. I admit I’d struggle too. And I admit I don’t always set the best example of limiting screen time. TV is not my vice. Computer and blogging and creating products for learning … guilty. All of it though is the same when it becomes our focus. Thanks for sharing about your whole family no technology days Kari.

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