Inspired by Summer: I Spy Linking Verbs IS, AM, ARE

This summer, we’ve been busy with unpacking, creek stomping, unpacking, and taking a break from school … for the most part. But I’ve been busy the last few days with an idea that led to this fun resource below. My 8YO son and 7YO daughter, both entering 2nd grade this year, didn’t want to quit using it today when I asked them to try it out! In fact, they did so well with this learning tool that I have several ideas for more I SPY learning games.


We have taken a break from speech therapy for Li’l Dude. I don’t think I ever mentioned that our precious Li’l Miss GRADUATED!!! from speech therapy in May after 3 years and 9 months of private therapy with Ms. T and several months of school-based ST before that. For those who have been following our family’s journey since we brought Li’l Miss home at 35 months, you’ll know why I CRIED buckets when her ST sent the *official* and final evaluation and a letter expressing how hard LM had worked and how amazing her progress made has been.


She still struggles at times though with linking verbs and some language delays, though my sweet girl was rocking this new resource I created for choosing and using the correct linking verb.


I was so delighted to see her choosing those linking verbs with ease for the most part.


Li’l Dude is still quite delayed in both language and speech (two different things which I used to not get), but he was rocking this as well.


He will benefit greatly I believe from this fun activity-based resource that reinforces which linking verb to use: IS, AM or ARE.


I am going to be selling this resource for HALF OFF for the first 48 hours I have it in my store. It has just been listed, so please go check it out and if you like it take advantage of the 50% savings until midnight CST Monday! The photo below shows all this resource I Spy Linking Verbs: IS, AM, ARE includes (excepting the answer key which is also INCLUDED).



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