Pinterest-Inspired Idea Done: SHOE TYING BOARD

Why oh why did I not do this sooner???

I just didn’t. That is why. Post over.

No, seriously, I meant to and then we were packing and well, life just got in the way.


Thing is though, my sweet 8-year-old son still couldn’t tie his shoes (or his swim trunks!). And it was really starting to bother him, which in turn really bothered his Momma. So, I had to do something.

One morning, I grabbed some cardboard salvaged from packaging and decided to try out an idea I had pinned months ago.


And within MINUTES, he was tying not only the laces on the board but his shoes as well!!!


Months of trying and then weeks of not trying and wondering if he would ever be able to do it … and within minutes of creating such a SIMPLE exercise for him … he could TIE HIS SHOES!!!


He was so proud by the way that he asked me to post “on your blog WITH the photos!” So here I am albeit a couple of weeks later posting about it.


I will add that our son has a harder time with certain motor tasks, and shoe tying was particularly hard for his hands that just don’t always work the way he wants them to do. He tries so hard, and so it was just a joyous time to see the joy on his face.


I highly recommend this is worth trying especially if using a shoe is just not working for your child.


The board somehow just helped him work on the shoe tying rather than trying to get the shoe to be where he needed it to be for his hands to do the tying.


The picture above is my favorite! I don’t show faces full-on anymore, but you can see the hint of his smile I think. He was BEAMING and wanted me to text his Daddy right away to tell him the news!




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