First a Library … and now an Art Gallery in our New Home

I have seen this idea all over Pint*erest, but I never seemed to have a large enough wall to do it at our old house. I decided recently that the wall between our kitchen and library would be the perfect spot for an art gallery.


I didn’t need to search far for beautiful artwork. I have saved special works over the years and in recent months. All but one of these works of art were created by one of our children.

By Curly, at age 9, 3rd grade (now age 14)

By Curly, at age 3 with the use of stencils

I think it is sad that many schools feel they no longer have time for art, and I also feel like children really do learn better when we allow their minds to explore art and create it with their own creativity.

By Li’l Miss, at age 5 with assistance from her cousin C, age 11 (now 7 and 12 respectively)

By Mo, at age 10 (now age 11)

By Larry, at age 12 (now age 13)

Just today, I got out the paints for our three younger children to work with, and I am so amazed by their creations! They used pencils first to sketch out their paintings.


Li’l Bro, a horse


Li’l Miss, a window with a view of a puppet show on the inside

These will be entered into the county fair nearby in a few weeks! The best part of the county fair aside from seeing a ribbon by your work is seeing so many people admiring your works of art.


Li’l Bit, a “snake with legs”

Our children always love going and hearing others comment on a piece they have created!

Don’t forget to ENJOY art with your children and students!


Today’s Tip: SAVE THOSE lids (from things like icing or butter tubs; they make great paint pallets. If you have time to rinse and reuse, great, but if you don’t, just toss and don’t worry about it!


3 thoughts on “First a Library … and now an Art Gallery in our New Home

  1. Joy, I intended to do this years ago too! I am so glad I finally did it. The children do seem proud when they walk by! I know I am! I will continue adding to it! I only wish I had saved all of my old frames! Thank goodness for good*will and thrift stores (lots of frames there on the cheap!).

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