Two-Word Wednesday: {Planning Anyone?}







Anyone else in planning panic mode?


9 thoughts on “Two-Word Wednesday: {Planning Anyone?}

  1. Hi Leslie
    With our recent move, I too am in PANIC mode for planning, and still trying to organize and do a workable schedule. I love perusing your blog for ideas, you have a beautiful, HUGE new home. I am sure you had fun setting it all up!!

    • Thanks so much Chris. I have NOT been reading blogs much at all lately. I am going to catch up this weekend. I need to see how you all are doing. I haven’t even been to fortheloveofmykids much at all in recent months. Not that I don’t want to chat with y’all–just trying to keep my head above water! We are incredibly blessed. I have to keep reminding myself of that when it all seems to be too much! As for fun, yes, some of it is fun, but then some of it I just throw in a bag and say we don’t need that (and then I get DH to haul it off before I change my mind LOL!). 😀

    • Yes, I have the coffee too starting about 5:30 in the AM (or sometimes 6:)). I will be burning the midnight oil again tonight. I really need to get these assignment books squared away by next week, so we can start in earnest the following Monday, August 5. Hope you get it all done (and can let go what is not–I know I’ll be doing some of that!). 😀

    • Yes, Shari, physics! For our 2nd graders. I have to say I wouldn’t have chosen this necessarily, but we are trying out a tutorial this year and they rotate through this series. It is actually geared a bit older, but I’ve been assured the 2nd graders will glean at their maturation from this. I know they have done well with the Apoligia elementary books, which are really geared older than they were when they started them. I’ll have to let you know how Physics goes for our 2nd graders. I do love that they are doing science. If they were in brick-and-mortar, unfortunately science would not be there b/c the teachers have mostly been forced to do all ELA and Math. Good but most teachers around here that I know don’t like the push toward mastering the test. 😦 Sad for all the great teachers who are contained in such a box and sad for the students too. Who will be our future engineers, doctors, scientists, etc?

  2. Don’t you just love the sales at this time of year?! Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry is one of my all time favorite books! Not to be pushy, but if you’re looking for something similar for a younger audience, try Bud, Not Buddy.

    • Kara, that is not pushy at all! I really appreciate the recommendation for this book. I will definitely be looking for it. I’d love a version for my next two. My oldest will read “Roll of Thunder.” I think I read it when younger, but honestly, it is deep and I think he’ll get more out of it for waiting. Plus, we do history chronologically and we’re just now getting to modern history. But anyway, I really appreciate the info.! Thanks!

  3. I am a public school teacher and we started preplanning Monday. The kids return next Monday (29th)! Where did the summer go?

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