Is Exploring Nature a Worthwhile Pursuit?

I think it is.



Just today, five of my children and I heard bees buzzing.


A lot of bees.


After being sure we were not in danger of being swarmed, we discussed how important these bees are to the world. We also realized we had never heard a swarm of bees in their natural state before today. It was actually really, really cool!


Aside from the actual nature around us, we also were AWAY from screens (myself included) and TOGETHER. More conversations happened, more laughter, more questions, more exploration.


And undoubtedly, our brains were stretched more. Our hearts were exercised.


We also discovered some signs of deer activity, confirmed there are fish in the pond on the back part of the neighboring property we have permission to roam upon, and we came home with a renewed resolve to try harder to look for the profound amongst the seemingly simple.


Today’s Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of a seemingly simple walk through the woods (or down the street or on a park trail or wherever you can find nature around you!).


2 thoughts on “Is Exploring Nature a Worthwhile Pursuit?

  1. This is so wonderful and true! One of my favourite days as a student-teacher was when we took the kindergarteners out for a “leaf hunt”. I have never seen a group of 3-4 year olds so engaged! We gave them each a paper bag to collect whatever they thought was interesting. Some only collected a few leaves and some filled their bags with rocks! 🙂 So much fun, they didn’t even realize how much they were learning.

    Take care,

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