Jack and Jill Ran Up the Hill

Well not Jack and Jill, but a boy and a girl and their little sister.

This photo is seriously my most favorite iPhone photo I’ve taken. EVER. It must be framed.


Some other photos I took on a hike up our hill with our three youngest along with me:


A race with the boy, the girl, and their dog

Amongst our very young cornstalks that are out very late … we shall see what happens!

Does it get any better? It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Looking back at what God has given us. Literally.


Running up a hill is more fun with your best friends, who also happen to be your siblings.

The cat who goes on walks with his family.

Again, the backyard and beyond. God gives.

I’m linking up: {Favorite Photo Friday : Sunday Snapshot}

Ni Hao Yall


6 thoughts on “Jack and Jill Ran Up the Hill

  1. I can feel my childhood in these photos, back when we didn’t have a care in the world and before electronic gadgets took over. More beautiful days ahead for all of you.

  2. your new property totally has all the makings of great GYM classes when all get to the time they need them for school credit!!!! LOVE the pic you are going to frame!!!

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