Setting Them UP for Success!

My goal this year in classroom/library set-up is “Setting them UP for success!” from the moment our students enter the room!



I hope I have achieved that through some of the ways I have set up our classroom, which I call the library because our family uses it for much more than “school.” I am sharing some ways I have set our classroom up for success below!

1. Each of our students has a shelf for their books. At the end of the day, they know where they are supposed to go and have hopefully placed them there. For those books that are shared by some, their is another shelf and they are replacing books as they finish. While some books are for individual students, others are shared by multiple students. It is good to practice sharing, even as older students!


2. Subjects are grouped together on shelves and within that, various manipulatives and learning activities are labeled in bins, baskets or tubs. Items which are not for students to grab without instruction are conveniently tucked away behind doors or on higher shelves.



3. Our students have needed supplies.
While some of them are in elementary grades, others are not. Some need markers and glue, while others need a protractor and graphing calculator! Hopefully they all have what they need to succeed!



**While on the subject of school supplies, I should note that yes we have a color-coding system in our family of 8 (6 children 14 to 3) and we do extend that to our learning spaces. It just works and keeps things under control and again, I believe it sets them up to succeed.

4. Our students use multiple platforms for learning from screens to a crystal clear creek to the discoveries waiting in the big outdoors just outside the back door.




5. Students have learning spaces that fit their ages and abilities. They also use multiple places for learning as who wants to sit in one place all day? Or for that matter, who wants to sit all day?!






I hope this post has lent itself to inspiration for anyone who hopes as I do to instill a LOVE and PASSION for learning in your students who will come into your classroom!


8 thoughts on “Setting Them UP for Success!

  1. Your vision to set this up from a blank canvass is inspiring. How cool would it be to bring previous owners in to see the transformation? I’m sure you will have a great school year!

    • Becky, Thank you. We actually are incredibly blessed that one of the four sons, whose mother and father built this place from the ground up, lives just down the road. He and his wife have become dear neighbors to us and they LOVE coming by to see the renovations and they love our children too. The couple who built our home had four sons and one daughter, and their four sons were selling the place which was part of their deceased Mom’s estate. It is somewhat bittersweet that the place has left a family after generations in one family, but full circle comes to my mind. God is incredibly good!

  2. I LOVE LOVE your set up! We are a year away from starting our homeschooling. I only have one student so I am hoping I can get it all organized and interesting for her 😀

  3. Your home is set up so well for your children-A+for all your hard work!!
    How did you make that magnetic board? I need something like that in the kitchen!!
    Happy schooling

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