How Do You Spell …


Seriously. Blessed.



We knew the lakes were nearby, but we had not found time to drive over to them … 7-minute drive I might add … until this evening just before sunset.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but these lakes … there are four total and boats aren’t allowed except for with paddles or trolling motors. Fishing is free for our children, because they are all lifetime sportsmen in our state thanks to Grammy and Papa … and the Prez and myself … we can get annual passes for fishing or just visit without a pole for free.

Dare I say an outdoor learning spot? On the drive through, we saw multiple wildlife viewing spots and birds galore as well as deer. We see the latter in our backyard now everyday, but still they are beautiful animals.

OK, now for the photos.

In this first one, we could see our backyard off in the distance while we were at the lake and I had to snap a pic! It is that clearing there with the tree in the middle.

Now for the lakes (we only saw 2 of the 4 this evening).








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