Repurposed for Reading: {Sight Word Jen*ga}

I almost put it into the give-away pile as we rarely played it. Just wasn’t a favorite.

But wooden blocks? I just couldn’t let them go. Enter Pinterest. And voila!


Sight Word Jen*ga! They love it! I love it!

A great way to brush up on those sight words, some of which are memorized and a few that are still a bit of a struggle. When they find the block they want to try and pull, they must say the word first.

If they are struggling, the other player can try to help them out. We keep it fun and encouraging this way. If neither can figure it out, Mom helps out, but no matter what, they pull the block and hopefully the tower doesn’t fall!


This way though, it doesn’t feel so much like work! If you have an old Jen*ga that sets in your closet/cabinet/shelf, I recommend repurposing it and giving it a new lease on life!


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