Nature Study: The Luna Moth

It started out as a rescue endeavor.


Seems that our cat Ninja really likes to play with the GIGANTIC moths that make their home here on our little piece of paradise.

This particular Luna Moth had lost part of its wing. We didn’t know it was a Luna Moth, but we wanted to find out. And so we got out our Golden Books Insect guide.



The rescue effort began in earnest spearheaded by Li’l Miss.


It was fun to watch the moth for a few hours before releasing it and realizing it was just not meant to be.



Li’l Miss cried and so I suggested a proper burial. This seemed to help, and gave it all closure.


We read about the Luna Moth and learned some interesting facts about the species while we attempted to help this particular one get enough strength to fly without part of one of his wings. The eye camouflage was distinct on this particular one. We are on the lookout for another moth or butterfly friend to observe!

Today’s Tip: Keep in mind that I’m speaking to myself, but my tip for today is to help your child discover the answer to their questions RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT if you can. When Li’l Bro found this moth and he and Li’l Miss brought it to our butterfly habitat, they both wanted to know “what kind is it, Mommy?” Well, I didn’t know, but I thought we could find the answer in our insect ID book. And we did! It didn’t take long honestly to go and grab the book from our library, but the joy on their faces in seeing the same moth in the book and listening to me read the description about it … well worth the time it took to stop what I was doing and go grab the book!


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