Games and Critical Thinking

We like to play games. We like to win games. And in playing games, we learn how to lose games humbly and to celebrate our opponents’ wins.


Below are a few of the games we play the most which require critical thinking skills (and some math as well!):






While I’m on the subject of games, I thought I’d share about a new resource to us that is definitely a welcome addition to our math lessons for our two middle schoolers, ages 13 and 11. It is called The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles. I grabbed it at 75% off from the Great Courses site in a two-pack with another course: The Secrets of Mental Math, which we’ll begin after Christmas.

So far, our middle schoolers say it is challenging, interesting and very different from any math they have done before. If nothing else, it is making them think mathematically and it keeps them occupied with worthwhile video pursuits for an hour while I teach other students.

 Today’s Tip: If you are having a stressful school day or you just need a break from the books, a game might be just what you and your students need. While most of the games above are for our older three (ages 14, 13 and 11), some other games that are great for most any age and ability include Aggravation, Uno Card Game, Game of Life, and various card games.


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