What Is On Your Desk?

A recent thread on a forum I visit on a popular teacher site got me to thinking about coming clean (no pun intended). I am quite organized overall, BUT I have issues when it comes to my desk.

I thought it would be therapeutic perhaps and hopefully helpful to a fellow teacher with desk organization issues to write out a list.

5 Things I Don’t Want Anyone to Know About My Desk

1. I can’t actually sit there and do anything.

Well I do have a chair but there is absolutely no space on which to do any work, especially involving a space to perhaps lay a piece of paper upon it.


2. It is more of a storage station than a useable space.


3. It has the potential for being useful and productive.


(Yes, that is a surgical and sterile soap pack from the hospital. Yes, it survived our move and it was extra because our daughter’s original heart surgery was bumped and they gave us a new one at her 2nd pre-op before her successful heart surgery. I can’t bring myself to throw it out. It is useful. Does that count? Don’t ask why it landed on my desk.)

4. It houses all of my office-type products, and I’ve yet to utilize any of the fabulously cool ideas I’ve seen floating around Pintaland to control the chaos of clips and pens and tape and erasers and … at least they are organized.


5. It is pink, which I don’t really love as its current function, but I had it stained that way when it was in our daughter’s room and she’d like it back (so I am not painting it for now).

Anyone else feel the need or desire to participate? I do feel much better, but I’m not sure I feel anymore motivated to actually do anything about said desk. 😀


One thought on “What Is On Your Desk?

  1. My desk gets cleaned off once a week…only because it is my only workspace and if I want to get the bills paid and the homeschool plans done, it has to get cleaned! On Sunday, my desk looks pretty good, but by Friday, it’s all chaos again! Good luck with your desk!

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