Labor Day 2013

Labor Day for us was another school day. Well a half-day of school anyway. I won’t say my students were excited to hear they wouldn’t get a full holiday last Monday, but they worked hard on studies before lunch and then they worked hard on outdoor life school! Please note no child labor laws were broken … I promise they had fun painting our hen house with the Prez.











Li’l Miss finally caught one of the ladies and picked her up.


They are quicker than you would think they might be, and we let them graze outside their pens usually a few hours a day. But then there is the rooster, Mr. Squawks and he is just mean, so we have to keep him from coming out. I don’t trust him for one second, and he has some spurs on him. He can also jump up about 3 feet, so anyway, he is on the bad list and keeps us aware of his existence. I took some video of him, and you can see at the very beginning he is running in pursuit of one of us who are outside his pen.

And coming up … our CORN! 😀



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