Making Meaning from Math

I like math because it is useful. I don’t enjoy math though.

But, our little ones love to learn and exercise their math skills with hands-on activities. I have to admit this keeps it interesting, usually results in greater meaning for them, and it allows me to see exactly what they know regarding math fundamentals.

Here are some recent math lessons with a hands-on approach:

Skip counting with ice cream cones


You can grab this great freebie at Krista Wallden’s TpT store!

Numbers 11–20 Review in 10 Different Ways






You can grab this resource Teen Numbers 11–10 Ten Different Ways in my TpT store.


After our review of numbers 11–20, I sent them downstairs to make a LE*GO creation, but I added a twist. Use only 20 bricks OR make something that you can make an equation with a sum or addend of 20. This is Li’l Bro’s candy corn that added up to 20.


I will add Li’l Miss’s tree (after I take a photo) that equaled 20 in a subtraction sentence!

Adding 10 to a Number



Adding 10 to a one-digit number with this Halloween-inspired freebie from Karen Jones’ TpT store.

Using Interactive Notebooks for teaching and reinforcing math concepts.



I decided to jump on the interactive notebook craze and so far, I think I like it! My students are more excited each time we get out our notebooks.


This is Li’l Miss’s finished Subtraction Butterfly!


This is Li’l Bro’s finished Subtraction Butterfly!

It gets the cutting and gluing done in a way that is useful, and it is something that we will actually keep and use as a reference tool. The pages above are from a resource I purchased at TpT: Interactive Math Notebook and Problem Solving Pack 1st and 2nd Grade.

They also love to show Daddy when he gets home, and I love that he is impressed! 😀 Aren’t y’all impressed with my example pages? (Yes, I think they are fun to make. :))



I also purchased an IN resource for our middle schoolers. The page above is my example from one of the activities in the Interactive Math Journal by Runde’s Room.

Math Games!!!

The following photos are from a Fraction unit I have in my TpT store. I recently added some game boards to it, and this has made my students VERY, VERY happy!




These cards that come with it are so versatile as they fit in business-card page protectors for sorting, matching, assessment … but they can also be used as game cards for the included game boards.




If anyone reading wants to check it out, I have Fractions {Page Protector Printables} in my store and if you’ve previously purchased it, you can download the revised file for FREE in your “My Purchases” tab.


Here is one last fun math activity we’ve been using this past week and will continue using for the next few weeks!

It focuses on Place Value and Subtraction within 20.





My smart Li’l Bro also came up with this sequencing activity all on his own!

I included black-and-white versions of all of the game boards in the resource, which my little artist loved!


You can find this at my TpT store too: Halloween Place Value Plus!

I hope you enjoy learning math and making it meaningful for your students! 😀


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