A Different {Sort of} Assignment

Yesterday afternoon I had an unusual (and dreaded) assignment: Christmas Card photo session.

Dum, da, da, dum. And yes, the Prez is doling out skittles in the following photo (more on that later).


I was not the only one dreading it. I base my feelings of dread on past experiences, people. Just eing real and honest here. Maybe some others in the family were dreading it for the same reason. I didn’t ask them their reasons, but I promised them a monetary payment for their time and a bonus for the child who behaved the best. I also had the Prez grab a bag of candy on his way home from work.

Yes, folks, I bribed my own children. It had to be done. I know, some may say this is ridiculous. They should do this (well all but the three-year-old right?) without being paid, and they should show respect and a willing attitude. I mean, the Prez didn’t require candy or bribing. Well … OK, nevermind that.


I could not agree more that a family photo shoot should just be something our dearest children look forward to with longing. And yet, fifteen years into this parenting gig, I’ve yet to figure out a remedy for unwilling photo session participants besides candy and now, yes, monetary bribery. Because I want some shots like this one, which I might add hasn’t been edited.


Or this one.


Or how about this one.


Or THIS one.


And this one, which is a rarity. {Thanks Mo!}


I’m open to suggestions though on the bribery plan {or a replacement for it}. But I do love photos like these excepting the face here and there that isn’t looking, is scowling, is about to cry or has eyes closed. Sigh.





OK, a leaf throwing break is in order, where you’ll see the ONLY photo with Li’l Bit’s REAL smile versus the fake “Mom has the camera out again” smile. Sigh.




OK, back to work people! After some more bribery incentive.

I thought after this post a sneak peek might be in order. And I think I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and not worry about hiding faces as my friend in North Caroline, my Mom and about 8 other people actually read my blog. I’m not worried about any of them.

I will have a winning choice for that Christmas Card I think with one where I’ve merged some heads to get everyone looking at the camera. I’m just kidding! Or am I?


For a photo shoot around our yard with a tripod and an unprofessional photographer … not a bad group of shots.



Today’s Tip: While I don’t recommend bribing your children with candy and money for decent photos, I can say that excepting one unnamed member of my family it did actually work out quite well for us.



14 thoughts on “A Different {Sort of} Assignment

  1. I see nothing wrong with a little “incentive”! Children are born wanting a raise….afterall would we go to work without a salary? Probably not….hee, hee! Beautiful photos!

    From the mom who potty trained her DD with gum!

  2. I love reading your blogs because I think your kids are fab!!! And besides, you have a few boys about the same age as my girls, so I have to keep my eye on them!

  3. Oh honey, I am not above bribing mine for photos. Oh yes, we’ve got bags of choc. chips and M&M’s on hand for just those occasions! In fact last year’s Christmas photo was taken right before we sat down to Thanksgiving dinner. THAT was the bribe for my big boys! And then of course we had the candy bags out for the little ones. Only Emily does not require a bribe! 🙂

    Love the photos! They are great. I especially love the one of you all by the tractor. I mean, how PERFECT is that????


  4. It sounds like all of the “8 other people that read your blog” are in total agreement with the bribery. It’s like anything else raising children, you try and try and when something works you stick with it. I love these pictures. They are awesome and the pink overalls are hot! I will have to find some for my 7 year old. Thank you L for sharing!!

  5. I wish someone would offer me a bribe to do the things I don’t want to do around the house. I think you did a great job and got some good pictures.

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