The Rollercoaster of Life

While I had hoped to do some school updates, life has gotten too busy for that. Life is full of twists and turns. I am so thankful we can’t see into the future. If I had known the trials our family would be enduring at present a few years ago, I’m sure I would have made different decisions. However I’m sure of this: we have walked out God’s call to adopt each of our children and we have trusted Him to lead us in that.

Maybe someone reading needs to read this quote today. Surely all have heard of Corrie Ten Boom, but if not goo*gle her because knowing her story gives the quote its power.

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. –Corrie Ten Boom

3 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster of Life

  1. Leslie,

    Thanks for posting this today. I am again going through a tough time with my daughter that started the Tuesday before Thanksgiving .
    I honestly just don’t want to do this again and I want her better. I love her so much and these struggles stink .
    I will try to cherish even these times even though it is hard .


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