Some Craftiness Does the Heart Good!

I’ll give a gift to anyone who can tell me which movie has this quote, which seems quite applicable to my blog at the moment:

This place is a tomb! I’m going to the nut shop where it is fun.

OK, now don’t go and google it! That would be cheating! As for the gift, I was just kidding! But if you know it, do share! It is a fun movie that always makes me smile. 🙂

So, in an effort to take away the tomb feeling around here, I thought I’d share another more practical (and fun … well it was fun) reason why my blog is collecting cobwebs.

Long-time readers will know I am crazy, but for those who don’t this is just another piece of photographic evidence. Yes, I am cross-stitching (counted at that) another stocking for Christmas. This is the LAST one. Without a doubt. Well if Curly wants to make one for each of the cats (as he did for the dog), he can knock himself out, but I am certain and the Prez is certain there will be no more 2-legged family members here. 😀 Stick a fork in us … we’re DONE. 😀 Did I mention the stocking is still nowhere near done? And I might be staying up into the wee hours stitching, and that it will most likely be temporarily sewn together because the back-stitching will still need to be finished? AAAAACCCCCKKK! Like I said, I’m crazy, but in fairness to myself I didn’t know we would be a family of 8 when I first made those his and hers stocking for myself and the Prez. Really. I didn’t. Honest.

Recycled materials actually can be turned into works of art! That is all I will say about this little sneak peak into some things we’ve been working on lately.




Our mantle now has some beautiful paintings on it of Christmas trees! I love how they turned out even if some of my peeps didn’t exactly follow the directions of using the toilet paper tubes for painting (and leaving well enough alone). It is their work of art after all!

This one is mine. I highly recommend art by the way for stress relief. It truly does work every time. It just is relaxing and also a way to release if you ask me.

I will post some more pics. I just have to! I have so many that I haven’t posted and I don’t want to miss the everyday moments that I cherish too! I hope your family is enjoying this holiday season.


5 thoughts on “Some Craftiness Does the Heart Good!

  1. OOOOOHHHH! I didn’t know you liked cross stitch too! I have a website with cross stitch patterns I designed myself! I LOVE cross stitch (even though I haven’t put a stitch in for a long time now).

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your children’s art! I especially like the snowman lid ornaments. You have some really talented children!


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