Another Surgery

Our little bro is in recovery. He had surgery today to replace the abutment that failed. This happens less than 1% of the time and less than that two years post-op. But it happened to him.

OK pity party officially over.

I’m thankful he is in recovery. I’m thankful the Dr was able to find a suitable place for a new one. Li’l Bro has been missing his BAHA (bone-anchored hearing aid). He will have to wait two months before he can attach it to his new abutment.

He will be home late tonight with the Prez. Surgery was set for 3 pm but didn’t start until 4 pm. The Prez says he is woozy and not very happy. I don’t think I can blame him. He wasn’t able to eat since yesterday and drink since 11 am. Here is hoping his tummy is ready for food!



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