Sights of the Season

The PREZ surprised Momma big-time this year … with an iPad air! Whatsupwiththat!!! What did I get him? Um, myself! 😉 You know the gift that keeps on giving!

Here is the Prez himself (photo taken with that iPad).


Now I can’t get into my MacBook laptop but it is nothing a Genius Bar dude or dudette won’t be able to navigate (iCloud seems to have a steep learning curve for me anyway). So in the meantime I do have some photos that appeared on my iPad from my iPhone? At least they are communicating!

I thought I’d go back and share some sights from the Christmas season at our house.

Li’l Bit’s Sensory Tub {red and green style}






Li’l Miss Reading a Christmas Book


Math Review with Wonderful Freebies from TpT







Lots and lots of Sequence


CBS Christmas Programs





So some good times among the hard times here. Today had its good times but the full-on rages of one child tonight over setting the table for dinner … it is just exhausting and quite frankly debilitating. It is like a slow bleed. I will still be so glad when Christmas is all over. We desperately need some routine again. I try but it is just hard with the lack of scheduled activities.

Hope anyone reading is having a Merry Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Sights of the Season

  1. Hi I have been following your blog for a long time, since your first daughters adoption, I did not see the post about ADHD before, but wanted to let you know that I my older son was diagnosed with ADHD and later found out that it actually was attachment issues manifesting themselves as ADHD, I wanted to encourage you to look into neurofeedback as a threapy, it has made the world of difference in my son, I sometimes wondered if I i was raising a sociopath it got so bad at times, but know he is completely off medicines and completely different child, for the better. You are more than welcome to contact me about issues he had, and how different he is now. K

    • Kristi I appreciate your comment. I am nearly convinced attachment has a LOT to do with it. Trouble is this child wasn’t adopted. Turns out accd to the therapist his attachment was likely and seriously interrupted by all of the adoptions in our family. He was only 6 when we brought our first child home through adoption. I will email you; would like to ask some questions. Thanks so much.

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