Reentry To School

Today was a school day for us. I almost titled the post “Lite School”, but reentry seemed more appropriate.

We hit the three Rs today along with some games. Reading aloud is helping not only their confidence but their fluency as well.



When I checked out two copies of The Cat in the Hat, the local librarian was more than a little put off. She even said, “Can’t they share?!” as she waved her hand toward our two second graders. There were five more copies still on the shelf. I tried to explain to her we were going to use them for guided reading to which she said, “What?” I just smiled. 😀

They love reading aloud to an audience, which is usually me and two siblings.



I love to use games for school and Sequence doesn’t disappoint. Larry got Sequence States and Capitals for Christmas, and I haven’t won a single game. I won’t give up! As for the game it is an excellent addition to our Geography games.


In addition to some lite school, we have been rearranging a bit so we can shuffle some kids around. Mo will be moving downstairs to the old toy room (sniff, sniff) so the toys moved out to the big room in the basement. All in all it works and the littles like it.


They have become reunited with some old “friends” who had been forgotten. I could play with these cars all day myself. An excellent source of therapy!


One thought on “Reentry To School

  1. We love Sequence, too! I recently picked up a “like new” States and Capitols game at our used homeschool curriculum store. Love it! And yes, an excellent addition to their geography studies!

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