Magnetic Numbers: Oh the Possibilities!

In my last post, I mentioned that up next would be my ideas for using magnetic numbers. So without further ado, here are some ways we have used magnetic numbers this school year.


Just like with our letters, I use our huge magnetic board for magnetic numbers too. Other than math lessons, I’m not sure what else we could use the numbers for, but I’m open to new ideas! So please comment away!

On this day, I was showing them 2-digit number addition without regrouping.


As we worked the problems out loud, I also encouraged them to record them in their interactive math notebooks.


I also had them turn their paper so they could use the blue lines on the paper to help them add each column of numbers separately.


I suggested they use their colored markers just like our numbers are colored. They definitely wrote out the problems with more enthusiasm while using markers instead of pencils!


We are still working on fact families around here. I’m not sure why it has been a struggle, but the abstractness of it has seemed to evade especially one of my learners. Since they love those magnetic numbers, I decided we’d revisit fact families with the magnetic numbers and signs we have (+/-/=).


On that note, my MIL goes to garage sales when it is warm, and she found some magnetic numbers at one. She sent them to me and the best part is they included equal signs, + and – signs, and the long equal signs like you use with the vertical format. I had never seen those before, and we love having them to use with our magnetic numbers!


After a few rounds of drills on fact families, we moved onto a lesson in 2-digit addition with regrouping. They LOVED this, which honestly surprised me.


I will have to post some videos they made on their iPods giving me a lesson in 2-digit addition with regrouping. Their Daddy was most impressed when he got home a few evenings ago!

And not to leave a certain Li’l Bit out: while Momma and the bigger kids are learning about 2-digit addition with regrouping, Li’l Bit is using her own cookie sheet and numbers to explore numbers herself! She even wanted to make a video!

I would love to make some task cards for use with magnetic numbers, but I’ll have to add that to my VERY LONG to-do list. In the meantime, please do share if you have any suggestions for using magnetic numbers for learning.

Today’s Tip: Don’t spend too much on those metal cookie sheets for use with magnetic numbers and letters. Just head to your nearest Dollar*Tree and snag a few for $1 each! They work great!!!


2 thoughts on “Magnetic Numbers: Oh the Possibilities!

  1. The bar would work well for fractions, too. And, if you have a colon or two periods from the letters set, you could use the numbers to tell time, too. Maybe make a schedule for the day with them? Keep score in a game? I love magnetic letters and numbers, I almost never pass up a pack when I see one. 🙂

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