Let It … Freeze!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written on January 8. Just now getting it posted.

Today’s low was 1 degree! I realize that is a high in some places, but here that is COLD!


It is so cold and has been so cold here in our area of the Southeast that our pond is frozen solid.

See Exhibit A.


We didn’t venture far out but it is four inches thick seven feet or so from the edge.



No ice skates to be had around here but no worries. The kids slid in their boots. As for their attire, the snow pants seem to have gone missing since our move mid-June when temps were already hitting 90-plus degrees.


And some chose to disregard our parenting advice to dress warmly as you will probably notice in the following videos (e.g. they all have access to hats and gloves and real coats).

See Exhibit B.


We started back to school this week in earnest, but recess and/or PE classes have been quite the events here.

From rooftop sledding (which the Prez nixed for the obvious reasons and the not-so-obvious reason of shingle damage–who knew?) to “skating” on a frozen pond, our first week back in January (second week since we started last week) has been eventful in some fun if frosty ways!

I shall let the videos speak for themselves. As for my inner teacher, well she was at recess too apparently while the rooftop sledding was taking place (does it count for anything that said teacher didn’t join in?). 😀

*The ground was so frozen that yes they were sledding on grass (that was frozen solid)!

And seriously, we may not get to go out onto this FROZEN pond again for another 20 years. This just doesn’t happen in our neck of the woods!

*The rocks throughout the pond would be ones our older boys threw out there as the weather got colder and colder and the pond became more and more frozen. “To test it” they said. Hmmm. I do let them walk the woods as long as they wear something orange (though no one else is supposed to be hunting out there), but they promised me they never walked out on it. Two of them are Boy Scouts, but boys will be boys.


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