Using iPads for Education

I do love my iPad.
I love the Prez. For many reasons, one of which includes him surprising me with the iPad for Christmas


In all seriousness, it has added to our educational toolbox. Not only do we use it at home, but it has become a viable addition to our on-the-go learning too.


Therapy and doctor appointments are nothing new for our family since September 2008 when we brought home our first medically needy child.

Speech therapy (times one now … Li’l Miss graduated awhile ago!!!).
Open-heart surgery (times two).
Cranio facial specialist visits (times two).
Cleft lip and palate-related surgeries (times two).
Orthodontics (times three … plus one more soon).
Audiology exams and appointments (times one for now).
Cardiology check-ups once or twice a year (times three).
Dentist twice a year (times eight).
Pediatrician (times six).
Dermatologist (times three).

Currently three children seeing three different therapists for emotional and/or behavioral needs. And Mom too sometimes seeing one of those therapists. Just keeping it real!

OK, I realize I’m taking the scenic route here, but seriously we have a lot of time in waiting areas and on the road to appointments.

Enter the iPad.

Smart Cookie Math

We use it for lots of math facts practice and extra math problems. We are all very thrilled with the IXL math app, which does work on iPods as well.


We have a subscription for 5 students to practice on IXL. This program has many benefits, but perhaps the most important for us is self-checking, detailed reports easily generated for Mom/teacher, and unlimited usage.

With the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, we pay $100 annually for 5 accounts. This is WELL-WORTH the price for our family. I do highly recommend it. We have used it successfully for years.


We also use some other apps, which I will try to list a few, but I would love any recommendations so please do share in the comments.

APPS We Use:

Stack the States
Stack the Countries
Smart Cookie Math
IXL Math
Merriam Webster Dictionary
Kindle Books
Giraffe’s Preschool Playground
First Words Professional
Play Touch ABC
ABC Tracer
Shape Builder
Bob Books
Rocket Math
Teach Me … (Preschool/1st Grade/2nd Grade/etc)
Audubon Guides (very cool! So thankful we found them free and/or for 99 cents!)

Today’s Tip: Use your time wisely! If you are stuck in a doctor’s office waiting room or driving down the road, use it for literacy!

Audiobooks in the car or read the old-fashioned way in a waiting room!

And pull out the iPad for those times when you can’t clone yourself and meet all needs–your student can learn with technology too! 😀

So how do you use iPads and your time wisely?


One thought on “Using iPads for Education

  1. Great post Leslie! (Also love your new blog look!) We have always enjoyed listening to audio books in the car. It’s amazing how much time one spends in the car without even realizing it! We listened to tons of books this way until our AC went out. Can’t hear the CDs when the windows are blasting hot air all over the car!
    For apps (we don’t have an ipad, but play around with some apps on my awesome-phone), we’ve really enjoyed “Where’s My Water?” and “Angry Birds.” They are great games for teaching logical thinking skills. I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them right now!

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