A Spring Break!

If only it were Spring Break, but the break today was definitely one we could use again!



It was too beautiful to stay inside, so we took a walk down to the creek for a little Spring Break! 😀



This little Mama crawdad had babies on her underside. I made sure Larry put her back where he found her, and I instructed him to not disturb crawdads anymore with eggs on their underside!

Since we took a week off in February to tag-along with the Prez to Disney World, we won’t be taking a week-long break anytime soon.


But a day like today … we’ll take advantage of these sunny afternoons for outdoor pursuits any chance we can get!



I think the lessons learned while at the creek are often more in line with what I hope they take away from our home when they grow up anyway.



And please, Lord, could you send more days like this our way?




One thought on “A Spring Break!

  1. This looks like SUCH a great day!!! And you are an amazing mama, even on those days you don’t feel like it. I can totally relate to your most recent post…

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