Baby Chick Update: Week 2 + A Tour Around Our Little Farm

The baby chicks are growing and FAST!

They love to eat and drink lots of water.


They stay close to one another and are still a bit skittish of us.

They are now 6 inches tall head to feet, and their feet are 2 inches long.


I thought it would be interesting for anyone reading, who might not have ever seen these animals in person, to see where our chickens live and to see live video as well.

Editor’s Note: These videos won’t work on an i device such as an iPhone or iPad. They will work however on any other device and/or a computer. Until Apple decides to get flashplayer, they won’t work.

I will start with a tour of our hen house.

Next this video shows our trusty Border Collie, Indy, who helps us keep the chickens safe and out of trouble. He was aptly named after Indiana Jones for anyone who may wonder. 🙂

These last two videos are of the hens, rooster and of course, the baby chicks.

We are still hoping to get some Americana chicks this week.

We hope you enjoyed this peek into the life of our chickens on our little farm!


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