Another Post About My Desk

How is that for a hook?

Yes I have rearranged my desk again. Actually, I never really arranged it. Until now. It has looked like this … well usually messier … than this. For nine months.

Not bad for nearly one year since we purchased our new home, and nine months since we moved in. Mind you, things weren’t finished when we moved in (and still aren’t), but the library was a top priority and was *mostly* finished.


But my desk. That is another story. The word piles comes to my mind. A fairly accurate description actually. Workspace would definitely not be an accurate description of my desk these last nine months.


I never sat at it. Or if I did, I didn’t like it. Who wants to look at a wall all day? Or half a day even. I don’t. I know you don’t either. Furthermore, do any other teachers have students who will actually NOT do what they are supposed to be doing if you turn your back or … gasp … leave the room momentarily. I’m not saying I actually do, but if I hypothetically did … I might need my desk facing the room. Like this.


So, what to do? I had a slight problem. My desk is really old, and the Prez originally made it for me to use for scrapbooking. Yes, paper scrapbooking. I long for the days of cutting one-inch-sized letters from paper and then gluing them on another color paper and cutting them all out again.

NOT. It was good for a season, but those days are definitely past.

But my desk. It didn’t have a back on it. So, I couldn’t turn it around like I wanted. The Prez has good intentions. And a VERY LONG honey-do list. So … I did what any good daughter would do. I called (or probably texted) my father. Could he help? He is retired after all and does nothing all day. KIDDING! He actually works all the time at their church, at his pool (in season), and around their own 5-acre property that looks like a botanical gardens.

All of that to say I needed a back on my desk if I could consider turning it around so I could actually look teacher-ey (I know not a word) and actually sit there during the day. Ahhhh … getting close to my ideal. Still some piles to go through, but I can see this taking shape.


I really like the way it turned out. I like having my own little space that is all mine, that others have been told not to cross over into for fear of losing their … lunch. Just kidding. Sort of. Don’t cross over into the teacher’s bubble!


I haven’t done anything else with this new-found piece of real estate on the new back of my old desk other than the piece of metal my Dad had in his scrap pile. It is good for all things metallic, which we love around our one-room schoolhouse. I am thinking I will put some of those cork tiles and maybe some type of whiteboard on part of it. I don’t have a clue really. I just like the options.

I still have some piles to go through, but they are oh so much smaller. Basically, this one tub is all that is left of items I haven’t gone through. Still. Think maybe I should just get a trash can?


I still need to organize completely the shelf that is now housing center activities for my 2nd graders. I have had a classic FAIL at them working independently with much effectiveness this year. They know how to do a lot in math for instance, but they haven’t mastered all that they could because in large part they haven’t had enough practice. Sigh.


As soon as our Thursday classes are over (next week holla!) and our Friday Bible study classes break for the summer (4 weeks holla!), we will be hitting math especially hard for last half of May and June and July.

As for Li’l Bit, I got nothing. She still would rather cut paper and make messes than actually sit and do something. Busy bags. Sensory bins. Play tubs. Only-come-out-when-we-do-school baskets. I’ve tried it all. With no real success. Well, there was this day. When she did put all the cubes onto the dots, and then we matched the numbered cards and counted.


Does it also count that she can whip up a mean smoothie in her play kitchen complete with shrimp, steak, peas AND tomatoes in it? And it tastes yummy? She can do that. Every. Single. Day. Wish I had a photo, but these smoothies just don’t last long enough for me to snag a snapshot. They are gone in a flash.

Ahem. Back to my desk reveal. I also brought a desk I had in our mudroom back into the library. It has been a faithful friend to me for many years. My Granddaddy found it (or traded for it probably) many years ago.


It is an old typing table complete with a little pull-out paper holder thingy, but I’ve got it set up now with the laminator, paper cutters, stapler, hole puncher, and all things officey (again not a word, not sure what my problem is tonight).

The photos below were taken this afternoon. I am liking it so far, and sort of keeping it organized. I’m not sure if you can see, but I’ve got a little system going on the side of the centers cabinet for Daily 5 (for ELA) and math rotations.



I am still thinking through how best to manage this, but I think I’ve come up with a plan. Now to execute it. By the way, both of these class management systems are available for FREE at TpT: Daily 5 ELA Choice Chart and Math Rotations.

*Edited to add: I found a close-up photo of the class management tools I snagged from TpT and put up. So far they are liking this system, and I am too. No more “what should I do now?”


**I printed both of these out four to a page for saving space and ink, and they both look fabulous this way. Since I have just two students, they are big enough to meet our needs. I just hot glued them to ribbons and *for now* have tacked them on with thumbtacks.

I also snagged one more tool from TpT for free as well. It will hopefully keep all of my papers (that used to pile up on the desk) a bit more organized. At least when the drawers are full, I have to do something with the papers. 😀 Grab your own set here!


Well, I’ve managed to fill quite a large space with a post about my very old desk with a very new back, and our failures in math mastery and preschool. I will end this post on a very positive note. JUST CHECK OUT THE FINALLY FINISHED BENCH SEAT OF LOVELINESS.


Yes, that is 15 FEET of bench seating in front of a window which receives afternoon sun. It doesn’t get much better than that!

OK, I lied. I have one more little thing to share here (in case you haven’t noticed the photo in my sidebar). Do you see what is on the top of my desk?


No! Not the fiskars, though they are lovely. There in the middle is an application for a VISA to enter the People’s Republic of China. 😀 😀 😀

YES, I’M GOING BACK TO CHINA!!!!!!! On May 15, which is in 43 days or 42 days when I wake up in the AM. I’ll be going to a province in the middle of the country and a bit north. I’ll be visiting a special place where very special little people live. I cannot wait. I can wait knowing I’ll be gone for 10 days from our six blessings. I cannot however wait to go and be and do for the orphans (and their caregivers).

If you’d like to know more, you can just click on that picture over to the right in the top of my sidebar. I will share more here too, once I figure out exactly what I can share. For now, the cat is definitely out of the bag, and my desk is a lovely place to sit and relax.


In my dreams anyway!


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