Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Teacher. TpT Teacher Author. Grateful Saved Daughter of the King of kings.

Daughter to Grammy and Papa. Sister to L. Wife of the Prez.

Teacher to Curly, 15, 9th grade.

Teacher to Larry, 14, 7th/8th grade.

Teacher to Mo, 11, 6th grade.

Teacher to Li’l Bro, 8, 2nd grade.

Teacher to Li’l Miss, 8, 2nd grade.

Teacher to Li’l Bit, 3, tot school.

TpT Teacher Author at Page Protector Printables and More.


7 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Debbie! I really appreciate your encouragement. Our youngest son came to us through adoption at age 5. He was very delayed in many areas, so a lot of the things I do and ideas that inspire me are born from my desire to help him reach his God-given potential. I love watching him soar in own unique way!

  1. I think I read on your other blog that your youngest son has speech apraxia. We have two cleft affected sons. We adopted the oldest 9 years ago at age 3 and haven’t had any real issues with his speech. He had speech therapy for a few years and progressed normally. We adopted our youngest son last May at age 9. He came to us with hearing issues that took awhile to diagnose. His speech is very delayed. Last night when I worked with him I couldn’t help think that the way he has to think about the sounds and then says them incorrectly might mean apraxia. Our oldest daughter happens to be a speech language pathologist, so I asked her today if she could evaluate him for apraxia. She said there are specially trained slp’s that must do the apraxia evaluation. Could you tell me how you determined your son had apraxia? Would you be willing to email me? Thank you so much! Colleen

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