Some Craftiness Does the Heart Good!

I’ll give a gift to anyone who can tell me which movie has this quote, which seems quite applicable to my blog at the moment:

This place is a tomb! I’m going to the nut shop where it is fun.

OK, now don’t go and google it! That would be cheating! As for the gift, I was just kidding! But if you know it, do share! It is a fun movie that always makes me smile. 🙂

So, in an effort to take away the tomb feeling around here, I thought I’d share another more practical (and fun … well it was fun) reason why my blog is collecting cobwebs.

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Artistic Pursuits

Wow, starting back to school has certainly limited my blogging time! I guess that is as it should be!

I wanted to share a few photos of artistic pursuits in our homeschool the first couple of weeks. Tomorrow will mark the end of week 2!

First, our back door was really on my nerves. Just being honest. With eight family members, it doesn’t take long for shoes to pile up. Just one pair each totals 16 shoes and our oldest is now wearing a size 10. So … one sunny afternoon (sun these days is rare which is a whole different post), I *encouraged* our older three boys to construct a shoe rack. They actually did a great job after a bit of back and forth as they began. Here is the finished product (and please ignore the broken flowerpot that needs to go away except I keep thinking I can somehow repurpose it–broken clay pot picture frame?). OK, back to the finished product.


Now my oldest is going to build another one he says for the other back door. I do love it!


For this next set of photos, I have to give a shout out to an amazing product I found at Teachers Pay Teachers, specifically the Art Task Cards Complete Set, which can be found in Renee’s store.


I stocked up on these at the TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale last May, and I’m already convinced it was money well spent. Continue reading

First a Library … and now an Art Gallery in our New Home

I have seen this idea all over Pint*erest, but I never seemed to have a large enough wall to do it at our old house. I decided recently that the wall between our kitchen and library would be the perfect spot for an art gallery.


I didn’t need to search far for beautiful artwork. I have saved special works over the years and in recent months. All but one of these works of art were created by one of our children.

By Curly, at age 9, 3rd grade (now age 14)
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Art Appreciation

This summer we will continue with school: math of some sort, writing, reading aloud and independently, being outdoors (science), and ART!

I am LOVING my replenished PayPal account. I am not spending anymore money on school items than I already have, which has not been too bad, except with excess in my PayPal account. I made two large sales this week, so my account is happy (and I am too!).

I had my eye on something at Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op, and so far I’m very happy with the purchase (after having it but 2 hours!).


I purchased access to Mark Kistler’s on-line Art videos through the Co-op for just $39.95. You can purchase them at Mark’s site for $99 or for just under $40 at the Co-op. No catches really except an activation fee of less than $2. Oh and you can purchase with PayPal, which as I mentioned is what I did!

Here are some drawings done by my 9-year-old son this afternoon. These were his first time to view the videos.

**I might have accidentally gotten sloppy joe sauce on this one while photographing it while eating. Oops!**


He is very artistic, but these are amazing to me! Mark encourages the children to add details and make the drawings their own using shadows, backgrounds, and details that are unique.

Needless to say, so far I’m impressed. You can go HERE to read more about Mark’s lessons and to see the amazing deal at the Co-op, which as always is totally FREE to join.

My only problem might be that some people are “fighting” over who gets to the computer next for a video art lesson!


Meanwhile, I had my sights set on some Draw Write Now books, particularly Book 2 and Book 3, but I didn’t want to spend $10 a book.

To my amazement, I found the two I wanted on e*bay for LESS THAN half of regular price for one book (for both books!) and they are LIKE BRAND NEW. I got them today, just two days after winning the bid (no one else wanted them which was to my advantage!). 🙂


As I predicted, my two 1st graders … well, as of tomorrow June 1st … couldn’t wait to open them up and start drawing. What I didn’t expect was the excitement over writing as well as drawing! Last year’s copywork lessons have reaped some big fruit including patience from my little almost-graduated kindies!


These go along with the history time period we’ll be studying this year as a family, so I’m excited to find them so cheap! (In the back, they do have an *extra* section, which is where Li’l Bro found the airplane instructions.) 😉

Here’s to Happy Drawing this summer!